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Thank you so much for visiting this page! I hope you know that even if you can’t support WZRD Radio right now, I’m happy you enjoy the show. Without listeners, we wouldn’t be here.

Join the WZRD Radio Patreon! Here are just a few of the perks that come with a 2$ monthly donation:

  • Early access to the show! Patrons get WZRD Radio a day ahead of the rest of the world.
  • A shout-out on the show! Every bonus episode, new patrons get a personal thank-you for making WZRD Radio possible.
  • Input on interviews! What questions do you want asked? Who do you want me to invite?
  • Personal choices on what music I play! The second episode of each month will include songs chosen by patrons.
  • Special messages! Every patron who gets a song on the second episode will also have the option to include a special message, from a ‘hello magical friends!” to “Look Mom, I’m on the radio!” and “Will you marry me?” (Warning: your hostwitch will cry if there is a WZRD Radio proposal.)
  • Voting rights! Patrons will have a voice on most of the important decisions regarding WZRD Radio and where it goes in the future.
  • Regular updates on finances! How every penny is spent will be accounted for in Patreon posts.
  • And more! As WZRD evolves, so will the Patreon.

Don’t want to commit to a monthly payment?

Buy me a coffee instead! You won’t get any of the exciting perks the patrons do, but you also won’t be signing up for a recurring charge to your credit card. It balances out.

WZRD Radio supports Yes All Witches!

WZRD Radio is the incredibly proud sponsor of the Yes All Witches grant. Patreon donations support the show by covering our hosting costs and ensure that YAW has enough funds to continue giving out their microgrants to queer and BIPoC wizard rockers. Past recipients have included TK of Totally Knuts and Zoe of Dots and Lines.