Episode 58: Chasitherin

Hello magical friends and welcome to WZRD Radio! I’m your hostwitch Bess, and today I’m talking with a dear friend, Didi of Chasitherin! You’ve heard him on Hut on the Wrock, the Sampler, and the ‘Pedia Comp Club, now we get to talk to the man himself.

Well, not now-now.

First we get into the appropriate headspace by listening to some music.

This is “Gryffindor Bias” by my very own Slytherspouse.

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Episode 52: Slytherspouse

Hello magical friends, especially James, the newest member of the WZRD Radio Patreon! Hi James!

I’m your hostwitch Bess and I’ve got a very special guest today. Your own—and my own—Slytherspouse! Not just the technical know-how behind the WZRD Radio radio station, he’s also a wizard rocker in his own right.

We’ll dig into what makes him tick in a minute, but first, let’s hear some music.

This is The Whomping Willows with “Sometimes I Feel Ugly.”

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Episode 37: Muggle Snuggle

Hello magical friends! Especially Teresa (hi Teresa!), the newest member of the WZRD Radio Patreon, whose support lets me do this episode!

Who’s ready to celebrate Halloween? Muggle Snuggle is, and they’re here to get the party started! And what better way to do that than with some music?

Here’s Mopey Merope with “Under the Stairs.”

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