Episode 73: Sara Idani

Hello magical friends, and especially The Cruciatus Curse, my newest magical patron friend, whose support makes these interviews possible.

Today I’m making a new friend and chatting with Sara Idani! Her new project is so much fun and I can’t wait to share her insights with you.

But first we’ve got “Not My Son” by QuickSpell and a couple other songs to hear.

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Episode 71: The Cruciatus Curse

Hello magical friends, especially my magical patron friends, whose generous support lets me do these interviews!

I’m hostwitch Bess, and today you’re going to hear from a very cool guest—The Cruciatus Curse!

We’ll get into his history with wizard rock in a little but you know the music comes first.

Here’s “Flyin’ My Broom” by A Couple of Harrys.

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