Episode 15: Remus Lupin


Hello magical friends, and welcome to the fifteenth episode of WZRD Radio. I’m your hostwitch Bess, and I hope you’ve got perfect weather wherever you are. Remember, if you can’t cast your own weather-modifying charm, store bought is fine.

It’s time to start the show so let’s dive into the music. Our first song is “Tonks’ Jig” by Granger.


That was “Tonks’ Jig” by Granger, “A Day Under the Serenity of Felix Felicis,” by Hogwarts, A History, and “A Snark in the Dark” by Snivellus and the Snapes.

This month’s Wandoscope is for carriers of black walnut wands.

You’ve been struggling this year, black walnut. I won’t say you’ve been avoiding a realization or project, but you might want to take a look around yourself and see what you’ve been ignoring. If you’re still having trouble seeing what you’ve neglected, a conversation early this month with rougarou core or yew wood, someone with a touch of darkness to them, will jolt you out of your torpor. You’ve been feeling small and less competent, but tackling that neglected project or facing reality with clear eyes will restore that connection to your self-identity.

Next up we have “Born of the Centaurs” by The Forbidden Forest.


That was “Born of the Centaurs” by The Forbidden Forest and “Realms Hitherto Unknown” by Chaos of the Phoenix.

As we all snuggle down and prepare for the colder months—except in the southern hemisphere where we’re gathering courage to deal with the hotter months—the wizarding world is taking a small, restorative break. It’s a quieter month for Harry Potter fans, but if you hunt there are always things to do.

For instance, there’s going to be a live reading of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on November 2nd, hosted by Oakland Mills Online. [link]

If you’re feeling crafty, Bushel and Peck in Camden County, Georgia is hosting a Harry Potter event on November 4th. You stop by beforehand to pick up a “Take Home Bushel” and then work along an instructional video to create magical décor. [link]

On November 5th, the University of Utah’s Digital Matters is hosting a workshop about distance reading utilizing the Harry Potter books. Someone please go to that and then tell me what it means, because it sounds fascinating. [link]

From November 6th through the 8th, CONjuration has gone virtual. The panels look truly spectacular and include performances by some of our favorite wizard rockers, including the Blibbering Humdingers and Hawthorn and Holly. [link]

The Monash Muggles and the DADA both have their regular meetings this month, so if you’re near Monash University or Northern Virginia, definitely check in with them.

From November 6th through the 19th, the Billings Public Library in Montana is hosting a virtual celebration of Harry Potter, complete with Take and Make Kits so you can make a wand and brew butterbeer all along with the hosts. [link]

Do you like comedy roasts? Then mark your calendar for November 21st, when a Chamber of Secrets roast will be taking place online. [link]

GeekBeatRadio, Totally Knuts, and Ashley Hamel all have their regularly scheduled livestreams this month as well.

There were also a few exciting wizard rock announcements in October.

Boys Like Jason released a “Save Ginny Weasley” cover. [link]

The Whomping Willows launched a fundraiser for a new album with a mix of new and reworked songs. [link]

Draco and the Malfoys compiled some rereleases into Boggart in the Closet. [link]

The Trans Wrock Comp was released to general acclaim and much excitement. [link]

Tonks and the Aurors announced that they’re opening a Patreon starting today. I don’t know what’s on there, but I can’t wait to find out. [link]

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Jam over on the Wizrocklopedia inspired some fantastic music with their “Houses” theme. [link]

A mysterious new wizard rocker called Luna just released “Songs of a Slytherin” yesterday. [link]

And last, but certainly not least, the winner of the summer 2020 Yes All Witches grant was announced! Congratulations to Zoe. Dots & Lines was brilliant before the award, I can’t wait to see what you create now.

If you’re excited about something you just heard, links to all these vents and songs can be found in the transcript at WZRDRadioPod.WordPress.com

And now it’s time for a little more music, starting with “Hedwig – Variations on a Theme” by Ravenrock.


That was “Hedwig – Variations on a Theme” by Ravenrock, “Day of Reckoning” by Mulciber Zerstorer and “Remus Lupin” by Returning We Hear the Larks.

And this is the end of episode 15. Thank you for being here with me.

Bygonya, the superstar, went back and worked out Episode 11’s theme of Harry & Ginny. Hinny, if you will. Muggle Snuffle gave me download codes for their fabulous album “Polkas of Azkaban,” which I’ll be giving away to the first person to guess each themed episode’s theme for as long as they last, so get your guesses for this episode in fast!

Links to all the songs and events you heard today are shared in the transcript on the website at WZRDRadioPod.WordPress.com. If you heard your new favorite song, consider buying it to support the artist. Without them, we wouldn’t be here.

The WZRD Radio Patreon is just five patrons away from our next goal—merch! If you want to be able to request songs, suggest interviewees, and help pick the first item of merch we put out, join us at Patreon.com/WZRDRadioPod. It’s just two muggle dollars a month, and every dollar that doesn’t go to supporting this show goes to the Yes All Witches grant to elevate and introduce queer and BIPOC voices in wizard rock.

If you have a guess about the theme of this episode, want to share an upcoming event, or just want to say hi, you can find me on Twitter at WZRDRadioPod. If you’re not on social media you can leave a comment on the transcript or email me at WZRDRadioPod @gmail.com.

Until next time friends: don’t let the muggles get you down.

End transcript.

Intro and outro music are from Higher Up, by Shane Ivers.
Art is by graphic_co on fiverr.

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