Episode 22: Invincble


Happy anniversary, magical friends! I’m your hostwitch Bess and this is the first anniversary of WZRD Radio! Can you believe it’s been a whole year of wizard rock?

Let’s get this anniversary party started! Nothing kicks off a celebration like Tonks and the Aurors, so here’s “1984 – Welcome.”


That was “1984 – Welcome” by Tonks and the Aurors [lyrics], “Good to See You Wallaenby” by Kwikspell [lyrics], and “Ministry has Fallen” by Pussycat Dolores [lyrics].

Our first anniversary wandoscope goes out to Cypress wand holders.

The good news, Cypress wand, is that there’s not much call for dying a noble, heroic death these days, which is fortunate because historically that was a popular end for Cypress wand masters. (Just look at Remus Lupin.) The bad news is that self-sacrifice can take many forms and you’re entirely too prone to, well, most of them. This month you’re going to feel the urge to take a bullet for someone, perhaps a thunderbird feather core—someone you’re not used to needing help—or a kelpie hair—someone you see as particularly vulnerable. Stop and ask yourself if doing whatever it is is actually in your best interest. Sometimes a grand, dramatic gesture isn’t nearly as helpful as a small offer of assistance, and the latter will leave you in a much better position to take care of others—and yourself.

Next up we continue the party with “Gryffindorable” by Up n Adam.


That was “Gryffindorable” by Up n Adam, “Hagrid’s Keys” by Paige 394 [lyrics], and “Hedwig – Variations on a Theme” by Ravenrock.

I hope you’re getting excited, because this, the month of our podcast, has a lot of exciting things happening!

The Blibbering Humdingers have a show coming up on March 5th to celebrate the pre-release of their new album “Positively Gruntled.” [link]

The Auburn Area Community Theater in Alabama is performing “Sally Cotter and the Censored Stone” through March 6th, with the performance virtually available to watch from the 8th to the 10th! [link]

Speaking of the 10th, that’s the release date for the Pedia Comp Club’s first album of the year, with the fitting theme of “Back to the Beginning!” If you haven’t subscribed yet, don’t worry. As long as you sign up this year you’ll get all four albums. [link]

Daniel Kelly will be performing all of the hits from his “Muggles Ahoy” album at Consonance, which runs from March 5th through the 7th. [link]

Bradley’s Ukulele Videos and Tutorialz has some wizard rock song tutorials coming this month! [link]

QuidCon, if you’re a quidditch fan, is going virtual on March 5th through 7th as well. They’ll be talking about everything from training to the history of the sport. [link]

On March 13th, Tonks and the Aurors will be performing, virtually, for the Carbondale Public Library. [link]

And finally, everyone’s favorite virtual wrock festival, OWLFest is coming up on March 26th through the 27th!

February had a few very exciting music releases, including Daniel Kelly’s “Muggles Ahoy,” an EP of wizard rock sea shanties [link], “Stalking the Halls” by Totally Knuts and friends [link], and brand new song “Dolores Umbridge” by brand new band Potterwatch [link].

Links to all these events and songs can be found in the transcript at WZRDRadioPod.WordPress.com.

Here’s How Airplanes Fly, kicking off our next music set with “Poetry in Motion.”


That was “Poetry in Motion” by How Airplanes Fly [lyrics], “Zip Me Up” by the Blibbering Humdingers, and “Invincible” by The Lovegoods [lyrics].

The episode may be over, but the party doesn’t have to end! Next week we’ve got a special crossover episode coming, so stay tuned for that.

In the mean time, you can find links to all the events and songs you heard today in the transcript, at  WZRDRadioPod.WordPress.com. It’s the perfect opportunity to support a super-cool artist. Without them, we wouldn’t be here.

If you want to hear the exclusive, patrons-only bonus episode coming later this month, join the WZRD Radio Patreon at Patreon.com/WZRDRadioPod. It helps me keep this show going and supports the Yes All Witches grant. Together we’re bringing more wrock into the world.

If you’ve got a guess about this episode’s theme or just want to hang out, you can find me on  Twitter at WZRDRadioPod. You can also leave a comment on the transcript or email me at WZRDRadioPod@gmail.com.

Until next time, friends: What a year it has been!

End transcript.

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