Episode 30: A Day in the Life

Hello magical friends, and welcome to WZRD Radio. I’m your hostwitch Bess, and I’m really enjoying cooling charms this month; I hope you are too. And remember, if you can’t perform your own, store bought is fine.

Let’s kick off this month’s show with “Love Song for Chocolate” by Hayley Carr.


That was “Love Song for Chocolate” by Hayley Carr, Marc Gunn with “My Father was a Werewolf” [lyrics], “Howl at the Moon” by The Moaning Myrtles [lyrics], and The Lovegoods singing “Werewolf” [lyrics].

This month’s wandoscope is for elm wand carriers.

The world sure seems to be throwing everything it’s got at you, elm wand. Luckily, you’re feeling particularly centered this month, and can take it all on with, if not always grace, then at least competence. As long as you’re focused, you’re great at working quickly and without too many mistakes. This month you’ve got a lot to slog through, so don’t pay any attention to the dragon heartstring that’s going to try to convince you to do something out of the ordinary. They just want someone to slack off with them, and now is not the time! Stay strong!

Next up we’ve got “Creepy Mustache” by Remus and the Lupins.


That was Remus and the Lupins with “Creepy Mustache,” “Hey Remus” by The Whomping Willows, and “Forget my Scars” by Split Seven Ways [lyrics].

Here’s July’s wrock and Potterhead events!

Did you love Dream Quaffle’s last release? Then I’ve got good news: they’ve got another song coming out on July 2nd. [link]

If you’re subscribed to the Pedia Comp Club, the new album just arrived! If you’re not subscribed, you should consider it. [link]

Want to see Tonks and the Aurors, How Airplanes Fly AND The Lovegoods in concert? Then you’d better be attending Fandom Forward’s Camp GLA from July 16th through the 18th. [link]

If you’re an Animal Crossing player, Stanislaus County Library cordially invites to you to their Harry Potter islands on July 19th from 3 to 5 pm California time for a Harry Potter party. [link]

Do your Thursday evenings need something soothing? Join Lakewood Memorial Library online as they read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for Story Time, every Thursday at 7pm. [link]

If you’re near Kent, OH on July 24th or 25th and fully vaxxed up, check out Wizardly Weekend. There will be a 5k, magical putt-putt, art, and so much more. [link]

Do you know what a fan veil is? If not look it up; I had to and they’re super pretty. Then sign up for this class in Orlando Florida on the 25th, teaching a Harry Potter Fan Veil Workshop. [link]

Also on the 25th, an Ashley Hamel set is kicking off day three of C’mon-2-ence’s virtual concerts! [link]

What are you doing July 31st through August 2nd? Attending the virtual Wonderous Wizarding Weekend at which Tonks and the Aurors will be performing, you say? Brilliant. [link]

The deadline for the 2021 Wizard Rock Sampler has been extended, you lucky musicians! Get your submission in by the end of July. [link]

And don’t forget, Hut on the Wrock 2: the pub songs one, is open to submission through August 1st! [link]

Speaking of Hut on the Wrock 2, Dream Quaffle is looking for voices to join the chorus of his song. If you’re interested, find him on social media before July 21st. [link]

In June, The Lovegoods released a music video and their song “I’ve Got Friends” and they are fabulous. [video link] [song link]

Cruciatus Curse released their album Th1rte3n. [link]

Gnargles has begun releasing music as well! [link]

Links to all these songs and events are available on the transcript at WZRDRadioPod.WordPress.com.

Our final music break begins with “Wolfstar (Map of Your Heart)” by How Airplanes Fly.


That was “Wolfstar (Map of your Heart)” by How Airplanes Fly [lyrics], “A Hairy Situation” by Witch Without a Cause, The Potterwatch Project and “Life According to Remus Lupin” [lyrics], and “A Day in the Life” by Tonks and the Aurors.

Thank you so much for sharing this time with me, magical friends.

Congratulations to Geff! You won the Patreon contest with my favorite theme idea. I had the Slytherspouse write out every idea my magical patron friends came up with and I chose from the list. I won’t be sharing them here, though, because they’re all definitely being used in the future. And Geoff, expect a package in the not-too-distant future!

If you want to become a WZRD Radio patron, check it out at  Patreon.com/WZRDRadioPod. For two muggle dollars a month (or twenty-four dollars a year, if you’d rather go that route) you get to pick songs for the show. You also support the Yes All Witches grant in their quest to provide microgrants and support for queer and BIPoC wizard rockers.

If you heard your new favorite song today, follow the link in the transcript at WZRDRadioPod.WordPress.com to buy it! It’s the most direct way to support our wizard rockers and without them, we wouldn’t be here.

Don’t forget! Totally Knuts download codes are still up for grabs so if you’ve got guess of what this episode’s theme is you can let me know on  TwitterInstagram, and Facebook at WZRDRadioPod. If you’re not on social media, you can leave a comment on the transcript or email me at WZRDRadioPod@gmail.com.

Until next time, magical friends: I don’t think you’re a waste of space.

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