Episode 32: Give Me The Moon

Hello magical friends and welcome to Episode 32 and, coincidentally, the first episode of my birthday month! I’m your hostwitch Bess and I’m really looking forward to seeing what cake Molly Weasley whips up.

But there’s still a bit of time before then, so how about some music?

We’re starting the show off with the Dumbledore’s Army Band and “Freedom is Only a Hippogriff Away.”


That was “Freedom is Only a Hippogriff Away” by the Dumbledore’s Army Band, “Hello Mother” by Losing Lara [lyrics], and “Dementor’s March/Padfoot” by Diagon Alley.

August’s wandoscope is for anyone carrying a wand of English Oak.

Dear English Oak carrier, Garrick Ollivander thinks very highly of you. According to his notes you are loyal, courageous, and strong, as well as have powerful intuition and a strong affinity for the natural world. Assuming you’re in the northern hemisphere, that makes August the perfect time for a hiking or camping trip, to really restore yourself. If you’re somewhere colder, perhaps a new houseplant? Overall, your summer is looking excellent; nothing but fun with friends and exploring your passions. If a wampus cat hair or chestnut wand invites you on an adventure; accept it! You’ll be glad you did.

Next up is “Love Song for Sirius Black” by the Blibbering Humdingers.


That was “Love Song for Sirius Black” by the Blibbering Humdingers, “Mourning” by The Ginny Potter Revelation, “The Grim” by Slytherin Soundtrack, and “Sirius Black Flies” by Muggle Snuggle [lyrics].

Here are just a few of August’s upcoming Harry Potter and wrock events:

Today, August 1st, is the last day of the Wondrous Wizard Weekend, an exciting pop-up event with a whole bunch of fan creators. [link]

Also today, Merrative is hosting a “Character Analysis of Severus Snape” online. If you want to defend—or tear apart—Snape, this is your chance. [link]

Tonks and the Aurors has at least two performances this month: one on August 3rd in Lacey, Washington, and one on August 5th in Sammamish, Washington. [link] [link]

I’ve got good news for you wrockers who might be procrastinating: the deadlines for the Wizard Rock Sampler AND the Wrock Shanties comp have been bumped. The Sampler’s new deadline is August 15th and your shanties are due October 1st, so get writing!

On August 7th, SlytherPuff is performing at CONvergence in Minneapolis, Minnesota. [link]

Leonard Cheshire, an English support organization for people with disabilities, is hosting virtual Friday get-togethers for Harry Potter fans. [link]

If you’re in Stratford, Ontario on August 14th, the library is hosting a makers’ con, with potions, wands, and more! Once you’re registered, you pick up the kit for each project. [link]

And the California, Orange County branch of NAMI is partnering with Potterless Podcast to host “Harry Potter and the Missing Therapist” on August 24th. [link]

As for new music…

Dream Quaffle released “Sirius Rap” and it’s awesome. [link]

ArgenPotter released “Como Un Horcrux” on YouTube. [link]

A new wizard rocker, “Friends of Hagrid” burst onto the scene with “Who Feeds the Basilisk?” [link]

Kathryn Hoss released a new song called “Pomona.” [link]

Gyantess/Sonorus revamped their Facebook page in an exciting hint at things to come! [link]

Swish & Flick rereleased their last single “Beastmaster Scamander” to all streaming platforms. [link]

Links to all these songs and events are available in the transcript, at WZRDRadioPod.com.

Next up we’ve got Kingsley and the Shacklebolts, with “Sirius.”


That was “Sirius” by Kingsley and the Shacklebolts, “Sirius/Serious” by Kirstyn Hippe [lyrics], and “Give Me the Moon” by the HMS Wolfstar [lyrics].

And this is the end of our episode. Thank you so much for being here with me.

Did you hear your new favorite song? Then check out the transcript at WZRDRadioPod.com, find the link, and buy it! We all know the best way to encourage an artist to create more music is to support what they’ve already released and without our wizard rockers, we wouldn’t be here.

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Until next time, magical friends: People find it far easier to forgive others for being wrong than being right.

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