Episode 34: What’s Wrong

Hello magical friends, and welcome to episode 34 of WZRD Radio. I’m your hostwitch Bess, and I hope you’re all staying safe and sound, and getting ready to dust off your warm butterbeer recipes.

I’ve got an excellent selection of music for you today, so let’s jump right in.

Here’s Aguamenti with “I’m Magic.”


That was Aguamenti with “I’m Magic” [lyrics], Self-Defensive Spellwork singing “Graveyard of Buried Hopes” [lyrics], and The Dead Ringers with “Deathday Waltz.”

September’s wandoscope is for anyone who carries a wand of fir.

The fir wand is sometimes called ‘the survivor’s wand’ for the owners’ resilience and strength of purpose. You can also be a little intimidating, so keep that in mind this month. Not everyone has to know where they’re going at all times, you know? Start September strong with a solid plan for the month, so when a veela hair or prickly ash comes along in a flurry of chaos you’ll have built-in room to deal with it. They’re going to take you on a bit of a trip, so don’t forget to pack snacks!

Here’s “Baby Famous” by Weatherby.


That was “Baby Famous” by Weatherby, “Chocolate Cauldrons of Love” by MC Gryff, and “Trelawney, You’re a Seer” by The Nargeleptics.

September means Back to Hogwarts season, so be sure to squeeze in these Harry Potter and wrock events!

Today, September 1st, is the release of the 2021 Wizard Rock Sampler! TK is hosting the release party tonight at 7pm eastern, so don’t miss it! [link]

The Blibbering Humdingers will be at MARCON in Worthington, Ohio from September 3rd through the 5th, so be sure to swing by and wrock out! [link]

If you’re in Moon Township, Pennsylvania on September 18th, stop by the 3rd Annual Moon Wizarding Festival. Both  Muggle Snuggle and Hawthorn and Holly will be performing. [link]

The Weirdos are Out will be at WhimsyCon in Northglenn, Colorado from September 24-26. They’ll be talking about writing nerdy songs…and maybe even performing! [link]

On September 25th, Junior Achievement Alaska is hosting a GooseChase scavenger hunt in Anchorage, Alaska. But that’s not all! There will be Zoom potions and divinations classes and some sort of butterbeer challenge for grown up magical friends. Plus their poster is really cool and it’s a charity fundraiser, so go check it out! [link]

Starting September 27th, you can stream “Dumbledore is So Gay,” a play about, as far as I can tell, a Harry Potter fan with a time turner. Sounds like fun to me! [link]

And, f you happen doing a Harry Potter reread, join Youthful Living to talk about it, virtually, on September 28th. [link]

Here’s some stuff the wrock community did in August!

Mermanda released a ‘definitely not wrock’ album of songs about magical creatures called “Mermaid Tales 1: Underwater” as well as another Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Jam song titled “Stars!” [link]

How Airplanes Fly took time out of his busy schedule to whip up a “Save Ginny” remix. [link]

Potterwatch finally started Bandcamp so we can buy all their excellent music! [link]

The Pedia Comp Club released the intriguing theme of the next compilation: “Let’s Get Loud.” [link]

Nur Peach dipped her toe in wrock with the incredible “I Open At The Close” and “The Next Great Adventure.” [link] [link]

And, although it technically appeared in July, I couldn’t not include Jenne Vermes’ tapdance routine to “99 Death Eaters.” [link]

Links to all these events—and more—can be found on the calendar at WZRDRadioPod.com

Our final music break begins with “Window in Our Hearts” by QuickSpell.


That was QuickSpell singing “Window in Our Hearts,” Grace Kendall and “Make it Better” [lyrics], and “What’s Wrong” by Tianna and the Cliffhangers.

And that’s the end of the episode! I’m glad we spent this time together.

At long last, the Slytherspouse is ready to unveil his Unspeakable project—a WZRD Radio radio station! Now you can listen to WZRD any time, 24-7 by clicking the “Listen” link on the website. It’s got every episode of WZRD Radio, plus some special extras, with more to come. We both hope you like it.

If you like WZRD—and our new radio station!—check out the Patreon at  Patreon.com/WZRDRadioPod. For two muggle dollars a month you support WZRD Radio, the Yes All Witches grant, and the wizard rock community as a whole, since we’re currently using those funds to buy more wrock for the show!

Did you hear your favorite song? Then hie thee to the links in the transcript at WZRDRadioPod.com, where you can buy them! Then check out everything else the wrocker has done. It’s a fun way to support our wizard rockers and without them, we wouldn’t be here.

WZRD Radio is on  TwitterInstagramFacebook, and even TikTok at WZRDRadioPod, so come say hi, tell me your guess for today’s theme, and keep up with what’s going on in the WZRD world. If, unlike me, you’re not increasingly on social media, you can leave a comment on the transcript or email me at  WZRDRadioPod@gmail.com. Starting with this episode, we’ve got Cruciatus Curse download codes for the first person to guess the theme!

Until next time, magical friends: Always use the proper name for a thing. Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.

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