Episode 36: Slytherin Weekend

Hello magical friends, and welcome to episode 36 of WZRD Radio. I’m your hostwitch Bess, and I hope you’re all bracing yourselves, because this is the month that something always happens at Hogwarts. Trolls and mass murderers and all sorts of chaos.

On that cheerful thought, let’s get to the music!

Here’s Diagon Alley with “The Leaky Cauldron.”


That was Diagon Alley with “Leaky Cauldron” [link], Muggle Mike singing “A Very Severus Christmas” [link] [lyrics], and “The Peverell Story” by The Butterbeer Experience [link] [lyrics].

October’s wandoscope is for those with hawthorn wands:

Well, well, hawthorn carrier. You have the same wand wood as Draco Malfoy, make of that what you will. You’re complex and contrary, good at both healing and cursing. Maybe you’re often conflicted, or prone to over-thinking. And you definitely have a bad habit of getting over-stressed and exploding. October shouldn’t be a particularly stressful month for you, hawthorn, so take this opportunity to connect with someone with a unicorn hair or ivy wand and study up on the fine art of keeping your calm. Their methods may be unorthodox, but I think you’ll learn a lot.

Next up we have Candle Wix and “Flying Car.”


That was “Flying Car” by Candle Wix [link] [lyrics], The Parselmouths and “We Let a Gryffindor in the Band” [lyrics], and “Expecto My Fist” by Rubeus and the Hagrids [link] [lyrics].

Here are just some of the Harry Potter and wizard rock events happening in October:

Today, October 1st, is the last date you can submit your wrock shanties and pub songs to Totally Knuts for Hut on the Wrock 2! [link]

Once you’ve done that, check out Dream Quaffle’s new album, which came out today!

On October 2nd, Hawthorn and Holly will be wrocking the library in Rising Sun, Maryland. [link]

For you Italian-speaking magical friends, Lasciate Stare Oscar Wilde is hosting a book club for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on the 5th. [link]

The Blibbering Humdingers also have a show on October 2nd! Theirs will be in Arlington, Virginia, celebrating the right to read banned books. [link]

The Central Florida Witches Ball to benefit Transfiguring Adoption will be on October 16th, with all sorts of entertainment—and food trucks! [link]

Also on the 16th, in Northwich, UK, there’s going to be a Forbidden Forest Experience” and it sounds positively spooky. There’s a reason it’s off-limits, you know! [link]

And keep an eye on Totally Knuts, because the next Hut on the Wrock comp is coming out sometime mid-October. While you’re at it, watch out for Nanzdemort, who’s teasing an album as well!

Les Hiboux de Poudlard are doing a Halloween card swap! [link]

On Halloween proper, Richmond, Va will be having a Harry Potter Party at Capital Ale House, with a costume contest, a Triwizard Tournament, and more. [link]

If you’re in Bedford, UK, keep an eye on Herring Green Activity Farm this month—they’re doing everything from a tea with owls, to a full HP weekend, to wizarding classes. [link]

And here’s just some of the music that came out in September:

Corbad rerecorded and rereleased their HP-EP! [link]

The 2021 Wizard Rock Sampler came out to great acclaim. [link]

Aguamenti gave us a song titled “September 1st.” [link]

Dawlish and the Archies released “The Joe Manchin Song.” [link]

The Hinky Punks started a BandCamp! [link]

Slytherspouse—yes, my Slytherspouse—put out an EP! [link]

Candle Wix released a new song titled “Magical Railways of the World.” [link]

And the third Pedia Comp Club album, “Let’s Get Loud!” was released. [link] Your hostwitch made a teaser for it, in case you’ve been wondering what the comps are like. [link ]

Our final music break starts with Ashley Trix and the Wzrds, singing “Hufflepuff Puff Pass.”


That was “Hufflepuff Puff Pass” by Ashley Trix and the Wzrds [link] [lyrics], The Arkadian with  “Unite!” [link] [lyrics], and Swish and Flick singing “Slytherin Weekend” [link] [lyrics].

And that’s it for this episode! I hope it was a good start to your Spooky Month.

Now, this episode’s theme is a little tricky, so I’m going to give you a clue: there’s a hint to the theme in Episode 33. The first ones to get it get a Cruciatus Curse download code and I will be very impressed.

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Until next time, magical friends: Troll—in the dungeons—thought you ought to know.

2 thoughts on “Episode 36: Slytherin Weekend

  1. This is a tricky theme to guess–though I’m not complaining, and it’s great music. My best guess right now is “songs that play with expectations”.

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