Episode 38: Niffler Parade

Hello magical friends, and welcome to episode 38 of WZRD Radio. I’m your hostwitch Bess and I can’t wait to share today’s music with you! My magical patron Jennifer put together the set list and I think you’ll really get a kick out of it.

Without further ado, here’s Daniel Kelly with “Niffler.”


That was Daniel Kelly with “Niffler” [lyrics], “Niffler” by Yilan and Ren, and “(Newt is Chasing) The Niffler” by The 8th Horcrux [lyrics].

Hazel wand carriers, this wandoscope is for you.

Oh dear, hazel. Old witches’ tales aren’t very kind to you. Hazel moans? But what it really means is that you are strongly in touch with your emotions, and your wand reflects that. When you’re feeling great, your abilities are incredible. When you’re down, you struggle. Also, your wand can detect water underground, which is cool. This is going to be an exciting month for you in terms of starting new projects. You’ll get that plot bunny or silly idea and trust me; it’ll be well worth your while to follow it. Don’t worry about it being “a waste of time” or “not your usual subject.” It’s good to test your limits and try new things. Plus, you’re going to have a lot of fun doing it.

Here’s “The Niffler Swing” by the Blibbering Hmdingers.


That was “The Niffler Swing” by the Blibbering Humdingers, Roel Funcken and “Accio Niffler,” and The Nifflers with “Sniffle My Niffle.”

You might have noticed, magical friends, that I’ve started including in-person events here again. I trust you’re vaccinated if you’re able, taking reasonable precautions, and making well-informed decisions about what’s best for you.

With that, here are a few of November’s wrock and Potter events:

The public library in Linköping, Sweden’s is having a Harry Potter week from the 1st through the 4th. [link]

If you’re in Vaugneray, France on the 3rd, check out L’Atelier d’Anais, where they’ll be making Harry Potter keychains. [link]

CONjuration with Blibbering Humdingers, Draco & the Malfoys, Hawthorn & Holly from November 5-7 in Atlanta, GA.

Sagan of Candle Wix is organizing a “wintery, holiday wrock comp” with submissions due December 5th, so go submit to that! The Slytherspouse and I are hoping for some good Hanukah wrock. [link]

Starting November 11th and running every Thursday through the holidays, Moss Mansion in Billings, Mt is hosting a Harry Potter mystery adventure! [link]

Dunbar House in Sandwich, Massachusetts is having a very fancy Harry Potter afternoon tea on the 14th. And if you’re not comfortable being in public, you can take that tea to-go. [link]

Also on the 14th, but this time in Minneapolis, Minnesota, there’s a Harry Potter Drag Brunch, open to all ages that sounds like a lot of fun and has an explicitly pro-trans statement on the front page. [link]

And, in case you missed them, here’s some of the music that came out last month:

Slytherspouse released his album “First,” and it’s almost two whole minutes long! [link]

Nur Peach gave us “After All This Time” AND “Greater Good.” [link]

Luna (not) Lovegood is working their way through these incredible music videos. [link]

And Dream Quaffle finally paid up on all those amazing teasers by releasing “Magic Jukebox.” [link]

As always, links to all these events and more can be found in the transcript and on the Potterhead Calendar on the website.

Our final music break begins with Nelsonious and “Niffler the Pilfering Pest.”


That was “Niffler the Pilfering Pest” by Nelsonious, Braden and “Niffler”, and Dream Quaffle’s “Niffler Parade.”

And Episode 38 comes to a close. I hope you had fun!

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Until next time, magical friends: I’d want some peace and quiet, if it were me.

Intro and outro music are from Higher Up, by Shane Ivers.
Art is by graphic_co on fiverr.

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