Episode 47: I Love Ginny

Hello magical friends, and welcome to episode 47 of WZRD Radio. I’m your hostwitch Bess, and I hope you all remember to not take any food from Fred and George today—it’s their birthday, and you know how they get.

While we’re hiding out from the Weasley twins, how about some music? Here’s “Arthur Weasley” by Sonorus.


That was “Arthur Weasley” by Sonorus [lyrics], “Molly is the Bomb” by Shrieking Shack Disco Gang, and “Bill the Eldest Weasley” by The Secret Keepers.

This month’s wandoscope is for magical friends with wands of laurel.

Those are some high standards your wand sets, laurel carrier. Can’t act dishonorably? Often quest for glory? Refuses to tolerate laziness? You must have big plans in life. Luckily, this is a portentious month for you! Whatever you put out into the world right now is liable to come back to you two-fold, so think carefully about the kind of energy you want to direct at others–and yourself.

Up next we have “Dragons (Charlie’s Song)” by Dots and Lines.


That was Dots and Lines singing “Dragons (Charlie’s Song)” [lyrics], “The Ballad of Mr. Percy Weasley” by Peeved [lyrics], and “Oh Fred!” by Sam [lyrics].

This month in Harry Potter and wizard rock events:

If you’re in Wasilla, Alaska on April 2nd, check out a Harry Potter Watercolor workshop for all ages. [link]

And you’re in Thurso in the UK on the 6th, there’s a whole Harry Potter event, with crafts and costumes! [link]

If you’re more of a wine tasting kind of wix, there’s a Harry Potter wine tasting in Durand, Illinois, on the 7th. [link]

There’s going to be what looks like a Jungian analysis of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone online on April 9th, if that’s your jam. [link]

On April 17th and 18th, Les Hiboux de Poudlard is holding sign ups for another of their magical penpal exchanges. [link]

Bisexual Harry has a music video for “WAD” coming on April 23rd!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on Totally Knuts, who has hinted to me that there might be another album coming in April.

And, as for things I missed last month…

Steph Anderson, from Tonks and the Aurors, did a guest spot on the podcast The Restricted Section. [link]

And Totally Knuts has released the first two Wizard Rock cover swaps, so you can download your own copies from their Bandcamp. [link] [link]

Links to all these events, and more can be found on the Potterhead Calendar on the website at WZRDRadioPod.com

Our final music break begins with Hazel Weasley and “Dear George.”


That was “Dear George” by Hazel Weasley [lyrics], Percy and the Prefects with “Ron” [lyrics], and “I Love Ginny” by The Deluminator.

And this is the end of our show. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

If you heard your new favorite song, go to the transcript at WZRDRadioPod.com, click its link, and buy yourself a copy! Go! Support our wizard rockers! Without them, we wouldn’t be here.

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Until next time, magical friends: This has been a mischief managed. Until next time, nox.

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