Bonus Episode

WZRDship Bonus Episode

Hello magical friends, and welcome to this year’s birthday bonus of WZRD Radio! I’m your hostwitch Bess and I hope you’re all ready for this epic episode! TC from Pottership and I talk about our unpopular Harry Potter opinions. Personally, I had a blast and I hope you do too.

We’re going to dive right into it, after the music.

This is Totally Knuts and “In This Fairy Tale.”

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Bonus Episode

Fanatical WZRD Bonus Episode

Hello magical friends, and welcome to a very special bonus episode of WZRD Radio! I’m your hostwitch Bess and today I’m talking to some of the funniest witches in podcasting. What better way to celebrate WZRD’s second birthday than with some fic?

Hold onto your toast, magical friends! Here’s “Poetry in Motion” by How Airplanes Fly.

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Bonus Episode

WZRDBeasty Bonus Episode


Intro music: Hello and welcome to this bonus episode of Speak Beasty. Whether you’re a Dapper Dan or a Flapper Fran, we’re glad you’re here, sugar.

Hello magical friends, Beasty and musical alike! Welcome to an extra-special crossover episode of WZRD Radio and SpeakBeasty. I’m your hostwitch Bess.

Geoff: I’m Geoff.

Jennifer: And I’m Jennifer.

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