WZRD Radio is launching a Patreon!

Hello magical friends! Thank you for opening this post. It’s always a little uncomfortable when someone asks you for money, and I appreciate you entertaining the idea.

Why start a Patreon?

The website WZRD Radio is hosted on (LibSyn.com) has tiers of hosting. Right now, the tier WZRD Radio is on has enough storage for me to upload one podcast a month. To begin producing a second episode every month, I need to upgrade my storage.

ALSO. Part of what I want to do with WZRD is give back to, and increase, the wizard rock scene. So Patreon funds will go exclusively to pay for WZRD Radio’s requirements, which are currently just hosting. Any additional funds will be added to the Yes All Witches grant. Yes All Witches, overseen by Stephanie Anderson of Tonks and the Aurors, gives microgrants to wrockers and aspiring wrockers to put new, awesome music into the world. So, becoming a patron will support TWO excellent causes, and for just 2$!

What do patrons get?

For just 2$ a month, a whole heckin’ lot, all of which I’m pretty proud of.

  • Access to every episode of WZRD Radio a day before the rest of the world.
  • Personal shout outs. Five patrons will be selected to get a personal thank you during every second episode.
  • Access to a WZRD Radio patrons-only Discord, where patrons will get to hang out, chat with each other and your hostwitch, and give their input on all kinds of decisions like…
  • Input on interviews! What do you want to learn, and whom do you want to learn it from?
  • Song choice input. Music in the second episode of every month will be song requests from patrons.
  • Patrons whose song choices are used each month will also have the option to attach a special message that your hostwitch will read on-air.
  • And more! As WZRD evolves, so will the Patreon. But there will never be more tiers, so once a patron with all the perks, always a patron with all the perks.

And, since this is our launch, and backing a new project is scary, the first twenty patrons will get a “WZRD Radio Podcast Producer” sticker! I’ve only ordered twenty of these stickers, so not even your hostwitch will have one once they’re all gone. (I’m a little jealous.)

When will the second podcast of each month start?

Once we get 15 patrons and can move to a new LibSyn plan, WZRD Radio will officially become a twice-a-month podcast!

What if I want to support WZRD Radio, but don’t want to commit to a monthly payment?

Then you are awesome and I appreciate you so much.

Also, we now have a Ko-fi where you can give WZRD Radio whatever amount you want as a one-time payment.

In summary, WZRD Radio’s Patreon is now live, and supporting it means helping both WZRD and wizard rock grow! Plus, you’ll get lots of cool perks.

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