Giveaways & Partnerships


Oh my wizard god, y’all.

Apologizes to Elwell Candles, whose beautiful promo image I have made my own in true wrock (DIY) fashion.

The darling, wonderful WZRD Radio friend behind Elwell Candles is letting me give away one of their incredibly fancy sorting candles! It’s white, but then as the wax melts away it reveals what house you’re meant to be in. (And yes, I have already ordered one for myself.)

If you decide to buy one, they’re also donating some of the money to the Trevor Project.

But if you want to try before you buy, enter our giveaway! All you have to do is fill out this form between today and the 10th. It is a tricky one though–you have to tell me who you’d love to hear be interviewed on the show.

(One entry per person. We’ve got anti-cheating charms on this thing, you know.)

I’ll announce the winner on the next episode of WZRD, so be sure to tune in on the 15th! And feel free to owl or floo call your friends and let them know, this is open to anyone that loves candles, Harry Potter, and wizard rock.

I’m so excited, magical friends. Good luck!

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