Episode 17: Nargles in the Mistletoe


Hello magical friends and welcome to the last WZRD Radio episode of 2020. Don’t worry, we’ll be back again in January but your hostwitch is taking the rest of December off. Time for winter hibernation, my friends!

It’s traditional in the Hostwitch Household to open the holiday season with our first song and I’m looking forward to sharing that tradition with you. So without further ado, it’s “A Very Severus Christmas” by Muggle Mike.


That was “A Very Severus Christmas” by Muggle Mike [lyrics], “Full Moon Christmas” by The Crookshank Redemption, and “Snowfall” by Bella and Le Strangers.

And now for this month’s wandoscope.

“You will never fool the cedar carrier.” That’s what master wand maker Garrick Ollivander says, and that clear sighted perspicacity will see you through some stormy waters this month. December is often a stressful month filled with interpersonal challenges, but if you remember to take a deep breath and think each situation through with your usual cedary perception, you’ll sail through it with ease. But be extra careful around an ash wand you’ll meet early in the month—their stress is making them want to pick fights. Be sympathetic, but don’t let them draw you in.

And now some more music, starting with Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls with “Happy Christmas Day.”


That was “Happy Christmas Day” by Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls [lyrics], Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs with “Christmas at Hogwarts,” and “The Unexpected Christmas Carol” by The Honeyduke’s Cellar Gang.

Without the Yule Balls this is a quieter month, but even still there is always plenty to do.

For instance, this very evening, December 1st, there is a virtual Yoga for Wizards class, hosted by Yoga Buzz. [link]

And all month in Austin, Texas the Harry Potter movies are being shown at the Blue Starlite Drive-In. [link]

On Friday the 4th, Tonks and the Aurors have a virtual show with Arapahoe Library. [link]

Or, if you’re in Rockhampton Queensland, Australia on the 4th, Headricks Lane is having a very fancy 5-course Harry Potter themed meal. [link]

Aunt Petunia is giving a talk on the 7th! I’m just kidding, it’s Fiona Shaw. [link]

Saturday the 12th, Fountaindale is hosting a virtual Yule Ball, featuring Tonks and the Aurors. [link]

And if you prefer a virtual murder mystery, Orpheus KC has just the event for you also December 12th. [link]

The Blibbering Humdingers have a virtual show coming up on Sunday the 13th. [link]

And if you missed the first one, Arapahoe Library is having a second Tonks and the Aurors show on Saturday the 19th. [link]

Or, if you’re interested in trying out a new form of fitness, why not Harry Potter- themed Pound on the 19th, also   virtual? [link]

Colorado’s Grey Havens Philosophy is hosting a series of virtual Yule Balls from the 19th through the 9th of January, with each night being for a different age group. (Adults are on January 9th.) [link]

Les Hiboux de Poudlard are celebrating their 5th anniversary with a card swap on the 25th. [link]

And just in case you missed it, Luna (not) Lovegood released their new album Songs of a Slytherin last month [link] and Creevey Crisis stealthed in there with a new EP as well! [link]

Next up is “God Rest Ye Merry Hippogriffs” by Sonorus, featuring Jim Best.


That was “God Rest Ye Merry Hipppogriffs” by Sonorus and Jim Best [lyrics], “Malfoy for Christmas” by Swish & Flick [lyrics], and “Nargles in the Mistletoe” by the Moaning Myrtles [lyrics].

And that brings our final episode of the year to a close. I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have, and that you have a warm and light end to your 2020.

Links to all the songs and events you heard here are included in the transcript at WZRDRadioPod.WordPress.com. If you’re feeling generous or heard a song you love, please follow the link and support the artist. Without our wizard rockers, we wouldn’t be here.

If you want to give me a gift, why not subscribe to the WZRD Radio Patreon at Patreon.com/WZRDRadioPod? It’s two muggle dollars a month to get early access to episodes, and it supports the Yes All Witches grant, enabling them to support queer and BIPoC voices in our magical community.

If you think you know this episode’s musical theme—I know, it’s particularly challenging—or if you want to share an upcoming event or want to share your favorite song with me, you can find me on Twitter at WZRDRadioPod. If you’re not on Twitter you can leave a comment on the transcript or email me at WZRDRadioPod @gmail.com.

Until next year friends: A very merry Christmas to you. And happy holidays.

End transcript.

Intro and outro music are from Higher Up, by Shane Ivers.
Art is by graphic_co on fiverr.

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