Episode 27: Hawthorn & Holly

Episode 27

Hello magical friends, and welcome to episode 27 of WZRD Radio. I’m your hostwitch Bess, and this is the one where I interview Hawthorn & Holly. They forgot to mention it during the interview, but want everyone to know that they’re planning a livestream show for Memorial day weekend, so keep an eye on their social medial for that!

I know you’re all excited, but listen to your music first!

We’re kicking off this show with “Dark Arts” by Errand of Mercy.


That was Errand of Mercy with “Dark Arts” [lyrics], “We Are Slytherin” by Swell Rell, and “My Obsession” by The Parselmouths [lyrics].

“Dark Arts” was a special request from WZRD’s fabulous patron Geoff, who sends a shout-out to Marjolaine for being a good friend and the first person to download a Dream Quaffle song!

Welcome to the show Hawthorne and Holly. We’ve got the whole gang today. Christie, Leah, Eddie and Dave. I miss y’all. Thanks for joining me today.

Christie: We miss you too!

Leah: Thanks for having us.

Eddie: Yeah, thank you. We miss you.

Dave: Thanks. Yeah, we miss you too.

It is so wonderful to see you. To start us off, for listeners who are new to wizard rock or new to Hawthorne and Holly, can you give us a little bit of your history as a band, with the genre…

Christie: Leah?

Leah: Oh, wait, this is my favorite. Can I do it?

Christie: Yes.

Leah:  Okay. So Christie’ll fill in the beginning part, but my favorite is I get a phone call one day and Christie says “I started a band and you’re in it.” And I said “Okay, what are we doing?” And she said “Well, you know how we like Harry Potter? Well, apparently there are people who are playing songs about Harry Potter and they’re calling it wizard rock.” And I said “Okay, I’m in.” Not that I had much of a choice, but anyway–  

Christie: you had no choice.

Leah: No.

Eddie: There was never a choice.

Christie: Incidentally. I tried to be a Gryffindor for a while. And after a while, Leah was like “Oh, Christie, you’re definitely a Slytherin.” So after that happened, we were playing a MISTICon and we didn’t have a bassist at the time. And Dave was one of our friends. So we asked him to play and we were just practicing and Leah says “He needs to be in this band. He’s—fits with us so well.” And it was just like, he was in the band, it was good. So he’s been with us ever since. We’ve never let him go. I mean, we’re just not. He’s—

Leah: He had no choice either.

Christie: He’s ours forever and ever. There’s never a choice. It’s like the dark mark, there’s no choice!

Dave: So yeah, it’s a really sweet story. So it was almost a year after MISTICon, we were playing Wrock-It Weekend somewhere in the woods of Illinois. It was a really creepy summer camp kind of place. And after we played, I think it was maybe even the next day, Leah approached me and asked me if I wanted to officially join the band. And of course I said, yes, like right away, we’d already played a handful of shows together. So it was a natural fit.

Leah: I was worried you were going to say no.

Christie: I was like “I just wanna be his friend forever.”

Dave: I mean, that was a given. That was going to happen anyway,

Christie: All of our personalities just seem to fit. Like, most of all, just being friends. And then, we all just love making music. It’s just meant to be.

Leah: If you had said no, Dave, we would have just hexed you.

Dave:  Yes, of course. And you needed a Hufflepuff to round out the band.

Leah: Well yeah, that too.

Eddie: Yeah… It’s kind of rare to find a person where you immediately like, personality wise, and music wise.

Christie: That’s absolutely right.

So that’s how Christie pressganged Leah and Dave. Eddie, was it just assumed that you would be part of this?

Leah: Yes.

Eddie: Yeah, it was pretty much the same as, uh, Leah. Um—

Christie Except you didn’t even read Harry Potter at the time.

Eddie: Yeah, I had never—I had watched the movies that had come out to that point, but I’d never read the books at all. So in the beginning I was more or less, I was just in it for the music. And then, um—

Christie: Then he went to Terminus.

Eddie: Yeah. And then later on, yeah, we went to our first con was Terminus and then, I don’t know. I was hooked after that. Then I just basically just read through all the books and just—

Christie: Like immediately afterward.

Eddie:  Yeah. Yep.

So how long were you a band before Dave joined? You said MISTI, but there were a few MISTIs so it was it—

Christie: We started Hawthorne and Holly in 2007, right? 2007?

Eddie: Yeah. Late 2007, yup. Mhm.

Christie: And that was the year my parents passed and I had a hole in my heart and then I found wizard rock and it kind of filled it all up. So I had a new family. It was pretty amazing.

Dave: I was doing some reminiscing and diving into my history with wizard rock today. And where I met Hawthorne and Holly was at this event called WrockFest Tea in 2012.

Christie: Oh, yes.

Dave:  And from what I understand, this was a reworking of WrockFest because their venue got canceled. So they rescheduled it to take place at a tea shop. I was there playing with George’s Left Ear and then Bella and Le Strangers. That was actually my first wizard rock gig ever, was this event WrockFest Tea. And I met Hawthorn and Holly there. We became friends right away, of course. I also met Grace Kendall there and Muggle Mike, and a bunch of other amazing people. I’m pretty sure, like, Matt Maggiacomo was there and Lauren… It was a great event. So yeah, a few months later was the first MISTICon, May of 2013. And that’s the first time I played with these guys. And that was a great show.

Christie: Life changing.

Dave: Yeah. We’ve been together ever since.

I didn’t know that was when you met them. That is so cool. I was there for that part of history.

Christie: Yes!

Dave: Yeah.

Christie: It was fun to wear hats.

Dave: I was brand new, wizard rock baby.

Aw. And how far you’ve come.

Dave: Yeah.

Christie (singing): You’re just a baby.

Dave: I’ve got a Badger tattoo now, that’s how far I’ve come.

Christie: Yeah!

Most of you are tattooed, right? Are they all Harry Potter?

Christie: Mine is a Hawthorn and Holly tattoo. It says “she reminds me,” and Leah also got it, from Hawthorne and Holly’s—from our song—

Leah: Love Will Get Us There.

Christie: Love Will Get Us There. Yes, I was going to say that!

Leah: Uh huh.

Christie: It was my—it’s my first and only tattoo. Eddie has no tattoos—

Eddie: I have zero tattoos.

Christie: —pending like, um, pending, like, peer pressure. Cuz we’re all planning on getting band tattoos…

Eddie’s the rebel. I respect it.

Dave: Mhm.

Christie: We’ll see.

Dave: It’s more punk rock to not have tattoos now.

Leah: I have two large tattoos, three small tattoos. And Dave is covered.

Christie: Dave has the coolest tattoos.

Dave: Yeah. I’m wearing my Tonks and the Aurors baseball shirt right now, so it’s covering most of my tattoos.

You are the second person to wear a Tonks and the Aurors shirt to do an interview. Either more bands need shirts out there or I just, I get a lot of Hufflepuffs.

Dave: They’re great shirts.

Christie: Yeah. There are a lot of Hufflepuffs.

So is it one from each house?

Christie: It is.

Dave: Yeah.

Leah: Mhm.

Christie: And it wasn’t really planned that way but it kind of worked out. Eddie’s always been a Gryffindor.

Eddie: Yeah, I’ve always been a Gryffindor and Christie also wanted to start out as a Gryffindor but it didn’t—

Christie: It just was never…

Eddie:  Leah set her straight on that.

Christie: Yeah she did.

Leah: Well that’s because I’m the Ravenclaw so I had to be like “no, actually…”

Dave: She had to ‘Claw-splain it to her.

Leah: Yeah.


Leah: Yeah, basically. That’s the best term I’ve ever heard. I love that so much.

Christie: Oh, man. I love that, Dave.

That’s pretty fortuitous though, that you, uh, have collected the full set.

Christie: That’s right. I’ve collected the full set.

Very Slughorn of you.

Christie: That’s great.

All right, Christie…

Christie: Mhm?

How did you get into wizard rock? What made you burst into Leah’s room at three in the morning and say “Leah, we’re in a band.”

Christie: Ooh. Um…

Leah:  Yeah. Christie. What got you into Harry Potter?

Christie: Ah, it was Leah’s grandmother. It was Leah’s grandmother. She had sent Leah the books and I said “Ugh. Leah, I’m not going to read these books. I’m not a poser. And it was like—”

Leah: That is exactly what she said!

Christie: —cuz  everybody was reading them and I was like “I’m not doing that.” And then I peeped in a book—one of the books and then I started reading and then I couldn’t put it down, of course. And then I had to read the next two or three because I was obsessed. Probably not the best thing for me to do in the middle of exams in college, but there you go. So I read all the books and then I was like “what else is out there?” There’s fanfiction, but that really didn’t—didn’t suit me. And then I was like “hmm, is there mus”—I found music. And I was like “What? What is this?” And it was like…what’d I find first, it was like, I found Sally Slytherin and I found, uh…

Eddie: Yeah, the very first was Switchblade Kittens—

Christie; Switchblade Kittens, I found that.

Eddie —the very first thing you stumbled on and then it was like—

Christie: —and I played it over and over and then I realized there was a whole—

Eddie: —the whole genre was out there.

Christie: Yeah.

Eddie: —going what is this? You know, you, you cut open the door and your peep in. And you’re like, wow—

Christie: Yes.

Eddie: there’s a lot going on here.

Christie: And then I was like “how can I make this happen?” Because this is—this is what I want to do. This is amazing. Not writing boring songs about boring everyday things, but some magical, like, world that you can write about sounded great. And so then after that, I kind of said, Eddie “I’m gonna need you to play the guitar.” This is what’s going to have to happen because my life will not be complete. And he is always down for the ride. So…

Eddie: Yeah, I was playing guitar and needed an outlet. So it, I didn’t care what it was at the time. I was like “Need guitar? I’ll be there.”

Christie: Yep.

We got half of half of this answer, I think.

Christie: Oh.

Your first wizard rock show that you performed in.

Christie: Oh!

Obviously there’ll be a little different full band and life before full band. But tell us about it.

Christie: Okay. That was at Scott and Kirstin Vaughn’s shop called Camelot Treasures they had in Cary, North Carolina. And I looked that up online. And then I said “Guys, I’ve got this song Pansy, Please. And Fizzing Whizbees, and let’s try to do this.” And so we just went there and if you look on YouTube, it’s the most horrifying video. So bad. I’m rocking back and forth cuz I’m so nervous cuz I don’t know anybody and I’m singing Fizzing Whizbees…

Eddie: Yeah. I think we had about three or four songs at the time.

Christie; Yeah.

Eddie: And then out there on YouTube, you can find it.

Leah: Don’t.

Eddie:  And then we’re just staring at our feet…

Leah: Don’t look for it.

Christie: So bad!

Eddie: Yeah, don’t look for it. We’re just staying at our feet…

Leah: Yeah.

Eddie: Just kind of nervously trying to get through the song.

Leah: I’m trying to sink into a chair.

Christie: Yeah.

No, definitely send us that link. It’s useful for new wrockers, right? To see how far you’ve come.

Leah: Sure.

Christie: Yeah.

Eddie: Yeah.

Leah: That’s—that’s fair.

Christie: I’m not an introvert—

Eddie: Yeah.

Christie: —but I looked like one there because I was terrified. I was—

Leah: Mhm.

Christie: I was so nervous with new people. So I was…I was very scared.

Leah: But that place, Camelot Treasures, was really the greatest place to nurture. It was like a giant, soft nest with, like, feathers from other delightful birds who were, like, keeping us warm and safe while we were, like, incubating in our eggs, like, trying to get better.

Christie:  That’s the Vaughns anyway. They’re—they’re wonderful.

Leah: They’re fantastic. It really was the greatest place. Like, finding them and finding the store and going up there and meeting all the Cary crowd was really… I don’t know if we would’ve kept going if it wasn’t for them.

Christie: Yeah.

Eddie: Oh yeah. Without a doubt.

Dave: Yeah. For any listeners who don’t know who the Vaughns are, they are the Blibbering Humdingers. You might know the better by that name.

Dave, yours was different. You were in other bands early. What was your first wizard rock gig? What was that like?

Dave: That was uh, um, WrockFest Tea that I mentioned earlier. That was the first one I played in. I first went to, I guess it was, would be considered a wizard rock show. I saw Bellatrix and Le Strangers play this, like, benefit show in my hometown. Ashley Hamel, who I now play with also in her band Ashley Trix and the WZRDs, was in Bellatrix and Le Strangers with me. And I believe she was running this fundraiser for one of her beauty pageants that she was in?

Christie: Oh! Yeah!

Dave: —and she had her band Bellatrix and Le Strangers play and I was just there to see them play. And that was my first exposure to like, wizard rock. I didn’t even know this existed, like, music about Harry Potter. So that was pretty exciting.

From then to the future. My patrons want to know that, once it’s safe to travel again, where do you most want to perform somewhere? You’ve never been before or somewhere familiar…

Christie: Wow. Where do we want to go?

Leah: I just want to play LeakyCon.

Dave: That was actually my answer too, Leah.

So Leah and Dave want to play LeakyCon, which I hear is the biggest and the best.

Leah: Yeah.

Christie? Eddie?

Christie:  I would love to play it.

Eddie: Oh yeah. That’s—that’s the goal, absolutely.

Dave: It’s like the Coachella of wizard rock, like, who wouldn’t want to play it?

Christie: Yeah, the Coachella of wizard rock, oh my gosh.

Nowhere else? There’s no, like, new Camelot Treasures…

Leah: Let’s go overseas guys. Let’s…if we can get LeakyCon, then let’s go to the UK. Let’s just go.

Dave: Leah, we were totally, like, on the same wavelengths tonight. Like, my other answer was, like, England…Australia…Japan…like just generally.

Leah: Dave, yes!

Christie: Oh, Australia! There are so many birds in Australia. I would be down.

Leah: I’m never going to Australia, you guys. There’s too many spiders, I don’t think I can make it.

Eddie: Yeah…right…. Or more practically, we’ve never been—I think the furthest west we’ve ever been is what, maybe Texas?

Christie: Yeah.

Eddie: So like Pacific Northwest—

Christie: Maybe California.

Eddie: —California… We’ve never, we’ve never played a show on the west coast. So that would definitely be—

Leah: Oh, yeah, let’s go to Seattle!

Eddie: In the cards at some point.

Leah:  Wait, wait, wait, can we go see the last—the last Blockbuster?

Dave: Yeah.

Leah: We could, we could play a show and hit that.

Eddie: Yeah!

Christie: We need to play a show at the last Blockbuster. That’s the thing.

Eddie: There you go, that’s the dream.

Christie: That’d be hilarious and super nerdy.

Leah: Yeah, let’s do it.

You know, I feel like Tulsa should be a bigger wizard rock hub than it is cuz so many of the bands are in that area. They should start hosting big concerts.

Leah: Yeah.

Christie: I’m actually kind of talking to a few wizard rockers such as How Airplanes Fly, Percy and the Prefects, trying to get something together…


Dave: Exclusive!

Christie: I think that would be… my brother lives in Oklahoma and so it seems like a good place for us to visit…

Leah: Free lodging! I love it.

All right, but first you’ve got to set up your Hawthorn and Holly Take Over the World tour.

Christie: Yes! Actually, for me, I would really love to play a show in Baltimore. Dave’s wife Lindsay has been kind of nudging us there for that for a while. And plus Baltimore’s such a cool place. So we have really haven’t really played anything there.

Eddie: Hmm. No, I guess we haven’t huh.

Dave: Yeah. Just, uh, the Chestertown HP festival.

Make it one of the Yule Ball stops.

Dave:  I mean the name I already came up with was Yule Ball-timore.

Leah: Genius!

Christie: Oh yes. I love it. I love it!

It’s perfect.

Eddie: There you go.

Christie: You know everybody would go to that too, cuz it’s in a good spot. (singing) Ooh, Yule Ball-timore.

Dave: Uh, I live down the street from this really great punk club called the Ottobar and it would be an amazing place to play with you guys and, like, put on a wizard rock show…and they have, like, all—all kinds of events there so I feel like they’d be down if we could set it up.

There are going to be so many concerts once quarantine is over.

Eddie: Hope so!

 Y’all are getting me excited.

Christie: This is the longest we haven’t seen each other.

Leah: Yeah.

Dave: It really is.

Leah: It’s been hard.

Christie: Just seeing Dave I’m like…my heart…my heart is like, I just want to hug Dave so bad. I’m just saying. And I haven’t seen Bess in even longer. So, uh, this—this is a nice reunion, even if it is online.

Next best thing.

Christie: Yes.

All right, while y’all plan Yule Ball-timore and Hawthorn and Holly Take Over the World, we’ll do our first music break.

Christie:  Okay.

Starting with “The Weapon” by Harry and the Potters.


That was “The Weapon” by Harry and the Potters [lyrics], “We are the Wizard Resistance” by Hawthorn and Holly [lyrics], and “Party All Night” by the Whomping Willows.

I don’t know if you all have noticed, but there has been a lot of talk about musical collaboration lately in the wizard rock world. Do you have a dream collab for H and H?

Christie: Oh, I would love to collab with Percy and the Prefects. They rock so hard. Everything that they’ve came out with, it’s just been so fun and I haven’t heard one thing I just haven’t been in love with that they’ve written. You guys?

Eddie: We need to drag Jarrod out of retirement and do a Gred and Forge / Hawthorne and Holly duo, for sure.

I think he is coming out of retirement. Wasn’t he in the last OWLFest?

Christie: Mhm.

Eddie: he is, yeah. We need to get him down here, yeah.

Christie: It’s so sporadic.

Eddie: Yeah…

Christie: We might have a super secret collaboration with Phoenix Tears Productions and parts of Hawthorn and Holly, and it might be something like a crazy goth, eighties band kind of Muse, Muse-centric that we’ve been slow working on, right?

Eddie: It’s a slow burn, a very slow burn.

Christie: It’s just a sloooow burn.

What is Phoenix Tears?

Christie: Phoenix Tear is a theater troupe by Mallory Vance and Megan Markham. And they’re based in Florida and they do so many good plays and some are self-written—most are self-written. They do a lot of stuff in the wizard rock community. Mallory, uh, helped Lena Weinstein write “The Final Battle.” But they had written a song about a wizard rock ghosts’ group and where the wizard rock ghost group and were kind of goth and eighties and have a lot of Muse-centered music and we’re dead—we’re just ghosts. But yeah, it’s, there’s a whole murder mystery behind that and it was a lot of fun.

So Greg and Forge, Percy and the Prefects and you have something underway. What about y’all any, uh, brilliant ideas, dream—dream collabs?

Leah: I’m just going to keep throwing this out there and so one day it happens, that I really, really wanna collab with Lauren Fairweather. And so I figure, one day, maybe it’ll get back to her and she’ll be like “Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

Dave: So, they’re not exactly wizard rock, and actually in a way we have collaborated with them… I really love, uh, the Doubleclicks and Laser from the Doubleclicks actually helped run our Kickstarter, which was a huge success. And I think collaborating with them musically would amazing as well, cuz they’re just crazy talented and hilarious—

Christie: Yes.

Dave: —and who doesn’t love the electric cello? Like, their music is amazing and just so, like, thoughtful and funny and that would be amazing.

Christie: Laser actually told me one time that they wish they could write rock music like we write rock music. And I was like “I wish I could write folk music—music that was funny” because I can’t write funny music.

It sounds like there’s a spark there, maybe.

Christie: Yes.

All right. I know you’re in a hurry to get to the next question, but we still have to get your best advice for new wizard rockers first.

Christie: Sure! You guys, what’s our best advice?

Leah:  I think don’t take yourself too seriously, the community is super supportive, and don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s totally okay that we were rocking in chairs back and forth and trying to hide in chairs…like, it’s fine. And I had a really bad habit when we first started: if anybody gave me any praise I was like “no, no, no.” And finally, it was Mark—Marked as His Equal—who said “you can’t do that. You have to take the compliment and you have to…you have to hold it. And eventually, maybe you’ll believe it.” But, like, you have to—don’t brush them off. Honestly, that made a really big impression on me and I always really appreciated that he told me that.

I love that.

Eddie: I think the best advice is just realizing that it’s a community; it’s not really a, uh, a musician-fan relationship. It’s more of a, ‘we’re all friends, we’re all in this together, we’re all having a good time.’ Some people just like to listen. Some people like to actually performed the music. So it’s just all getting together, just having a good time, just making friends out of the whole thing. It’s—and it’s all for fun. Nobody’s in it to make money so I mean, if that’s your goal, you might want to, you know, go elsewhere, but it’s all about just having fun and being with friends and just enjoying the community and just kind of—just really, just making friends. I mean, that’s pretty much the core of it for me.

Dave: I would say, yeah, get out there and play, like, as much as you can. And with how, like, easy it is to, like, record and live stream stuff now, like, just do what you can to just get yourself in front of as many, like, audiences as possible. Don’t be afraid to, like, to be yourself. We’re all weirdos singing songs about Harry Potter so there’s no real, like, cool kids like quote unquote here. Like, we’re all delightful weirdos. It’s very welcoming.

So I do always get really encouraging advice like that. But I also really love when it’s really pragmatic advice like the best recording software or ‘practice your scales.’ So do you have any, like, specific ‘this thing really helped me, this is something I want to work on…’

Christie: Well, don’t be scared to put your whole heart out in your music. Leah was always a little timid recording so recording was always a challenge. And once she worried less about how she…oh, how do I explain—

Leah: I was very much a perfectionist and I was always “it’s not quite right, it’s not perfect. I sound whiny. I sound this, we need to do it again.” And sometimes you just have to accept that’s who you—no,  I’m just kidding. You have to be easy on yourself.

So how did you do that? Did you practice it or is there a mantra or was there just like…

Christie: Comfortability. Just remembering that nobody has come up, beat you over the head if you don’t sound perfect. But honestly, just sing with your heart. That’s the best way to get the best sound. And try to have good posture, obviously, when you’re singing. But I definitely am a big believer in singing with your heart. Absolutely.

Eddie: Um, I highly recommend, especially if you’re a musician, playing with other musicians and friends. Cuz I know I played guitar for many years and never really progressed and in the span of two or three years, just making friends with other musicians, just watching them, playing along with them, joining in on their sets, my, my skills improved dramatically.

Christie: You and Dave, really—

Eddie: Just really playing with other people. So yeah. So definitely if you can join in on other people’s songs when you can or playing with other people that definitely helps.

Dave: Yeah. I definitely agree with that.

And I don’t know if anybody new out there might suffer from really bad stage fright, but I suffered from really bad stage fright and honestly the best thing for that is to just keep doing it anyway.

Christie: Yeah.

Leah: And eventually it will get easier.

Christie: It does!

She says 14 years in.

Leah: Yes.

Christie: Yes. Wow you guys. 14 years in.

Leah: I think I’m just now just now not scared anymore. I’m still a little scared. I mean, I’m like normal scared.

Christie: Sometimes we’ll go to shows and I’ll say “Guess what? You’re a singer. That’s what you do.” Even 14 years later, it’s a blessing because all I’ve ever wanted to be is a singer and for it to manifest this way is amazing. It’s I get to sing crazy songs with my friends at any moment is the best. It’s the best. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything. But I’ve been singing since I was able to speak and this is definitely all my dreams come true.

All right Dave, any practical bassist advice?

Dave: I didn’t really consider myself a bass player until I started playing with these guys. Like I picked up a guitar around like age 15 and always wanted to be, like, you know, crazy lead guitar player, playing all the solos and whatnot, but I’ve really, like, fallen in love with the bass guitar and I really chalk it up to playing with Hawthorn and Holly. I own as many bass guitars as I do guitars now. As far as practical bass playing advice would go, like, “don’t try to do too much, but also don’t do too little” is my approach to playing. I don’t know if there’s any bass players out there, but don’t just hang around on the root notes. Try to—try to get around there a little bit and have some fun, like, you got to stand out a little. Don’t just play the rhythm part. Have fun.

Christie: Says the man that plays bass like Mike Dirnt from Green Day.

Dave: I mean…he’s one of the—one of the best.

That’s perfect. Thank you, y’all. And now Christie, are you ready?

Christie: Oh, okay.

What are you working on? What’s coming up?

Christie: Oh, yes! Here we go. So we are going to start rerecording Jinxed in the Head with the four of us and probably Bryce Cone. Because it has a completely different feel with all of us. And we really felt like it would be a completely new record with all of us. And it’s evolved so much since the first version so…that’s happening.

Eddie: Yeah. We had a specific vision in mind when we recorded it originally, but we weren’t, ah, technically proficient enough to make it happen. So we did our best at the time. So now that we’re a little more proficient in some things we’d like to revisit it and actually put out that original vision that we had in mind from the very beginning.

Christie: Yes. Also Leah, Grace Kendall, and I are writing an Animal Crossing album. What else? The cover album?

Eddie: Oh yeah. For several years we’ve been wanting to release a album of covers or filks of other songs. And over the years we’ve kind of built up a few songs here and there of things we’ve been working on so we want to eventually wrap all that up and record it and put that out as, as a filk album of some kind, because we’ve never really done a lot of covers. We’ve always written, uh, mostly originals. So we want to, we’ve got some really good ideas we want to put out there for some, some cover songs.

Christie: That all, you guys? I think that’s all. Wow, that’s enough. That’s so much.

And the Phoenix Tears thing that you mentioned.

Christie: Oh yes. That—that is slow, slow burn on that. It might be another year for that. Cuz that’s a hard to write—

Leah: We like to take our time with things.

Christie: Yes.

Eddie: Yeah. We’re, we’re a bit slow on the album creation process.

Christie: Buying a house just changed our timelines.

Eddie: Yeah, life happens.

Christie; And a pandemic. We haven’t seen each other since the Yule Ball at Black Cat. Phew, that really happened.

Dave: Yeah, that was really cool.

But that is plenty to be getting on with, I think, in terms of projects.

Christie: Yes.

It is time for our final music break.

Christie: Okay.

Here’s How Airplanes Fly with “We Stand Alone Together.”


That was “We Stand Alone Together” by How Airplanes Fly, “Under Your Spell” by Luna (not) Lovegood, and The House of Black with “The Black House.”

Thank you so much to Hawthorn and Holly for being here today! It’s been a joy.

Leah: Thank you Bess!

Christie: Thank you for having us, Bess. We love you!

Eddie: Thank you! It’s so nice getting to talk with you. We missed you.

Dave: Yeah, thank you for having us.

Ah, I miss y’all too. Where can WZRD Radio listeners find you online?

Christie: We are on HawthornAndHolly.com. You can also find us on Insta under HawthornAndHolly. You can find us on Facebook under Hawthorn and Holly and on Twitter under HawthornHolly.

Eddie: BandCamp as well, is a great place to find our music.

Christie: You can find us on iTunes…

Eddie: We’re on Spotify so you just search for “Hawthorn and Holly.”

Christie: Yes. I believe that’s it? We have all those link on HawthornAndHolly.com

Congratulations to Ella, the first listener to guess episode 26’s theme of Book Two! That one was a lot of fun to put together, I’m so glad you got it.

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And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for: Hawthorn and Holly!

La La Luna plays.

End transcript.

Intro and outro music are from Higher Up, by Shane Ivers.
Art is by graphic_co on fiverr.

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