Episode 55: Battle Cedric Diggory

Hello magical friends and welcome to episode 55 of WZRD Radio. I’m your hostwitch Bess and, while you’re listening to this, I’m recovering from LeakyCon Orlando. I assume I had a wonderful time and met so many of you.

I’m gonna go take a nap in the Room of Requirement while you listen to some music.

Here’s “It Sucks” by The Butterbeer Experience.


That was “It Sucks” by the Butterbeer Experience [lyrics], Sue and the Hufflepuffs with “I Remember You,” and “Teddy’s Lullaby” by Let’s Lumos! [lyrics].

This month’s wandoscope is for magical friends who carry pine wands.

You are independent, intriguing, and mysterious, pine wand carrier. Hopefully only to others; I feel like you shouldn’t be but so mysterious to yourself. Your wand enjoys being used creatively and is very sensitive to non-verbal magic, so that’s nice.

You need to shake it up a little bit. You’ve gotten so comfortable that things are getting a little stale. Don’t forget, both you and your wand do best when you let yourself follow your impulses so this is your month to get a little silly. Invent a charm! Try a new hobby! Do something you’ve wanted to but never had, and you’ll be pleased with what results.

Our next stretch of music begins with Swish & Flick and “Beast Master Scamander.”


You just heard “Beast Master Scamander” by Swish & Flick, MuggleBorn and “Heartbroken Hufflepuff” [lyrics], and Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls with “Just a Hufflepuff” [lyrics].

And now for August’s Harry Potter and wizard rock events.

Dream Quaffle’s “My Polyjuice Project is coming on August 31st! [link]

Wizard Rock Sampler is due August 15th! Give your hostwitch the best birthday gift ever. [link]

An English school in Brazil is having an all-English Hogwarts weekend on the 26th. Among other things there will be lunch, wand making, and flying lessons. [link]

Fandom Forward is running trainings on August 3rd and 17th on how to fight book bans. [link]

If Jungian analysis is your thing, there’s a “Stories as Medicine” workshop about Harry Potter on August 20th. [link]

On August 21, your hostwitch is hosting the virtual PediaPalooza concert, staring Nanzdemort, Potterwatch, Dream Quaffle, Pottorhead, and The Lovegoods. Follow the Wizrocklopedia to learn more! [link]

“Happy Birthday Harry” virtual races are open through August, spanning distances of 1k all the way up to a full marathon! [link]


If you’re in Houston, Texas on the 21st, check out the Harry Potter Festival! There will be an “enchanted market,” games, and a costume contest, as well as other activities for all ages. [link]

And as for July…

Nanzdemort released an ep, “Alzando la Voz” AND a single, “Sangre sucia en el 97.” [link] [link]

And the third annual Wizard Rock Cover Swap dropped! There are some amazing covers, so be sure to check it out. [link]

All these events, and more, can be found on the Potterhead Calender on the website.

How about some more music?

Here’s Tonks and the Aurors and “Huffleriot.”


That was Tonks and the Aurors with “Huffleriot” [lyrics], “Dance with You” by Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills, and The Swedish Shortsnouts singing “Battle Cedric Diggory.”

And that’s the end of this episode!

Thank you so much for hanging out.

Shout out to Dave and Zoe, the first listeners to guess episode 53’s theme of “songs that begin with “In Which.” I had fun putting that one together.

Don’t forget! You can get your very own copy of all the songs you heard today by following the links in the transcript at WZRDRadioPod.com. It’s the easiest way to support your favorite wizard rockers and without them, we wouldn’t be here.

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And don’t forget to get your guess in for this episode’s theme. There’s a free album available to the first correct guess.

Until next time, magical friends: It is unwise to linger overlong on doorsteps in these troubled times.

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