Episode 56: Nanzdemort

Hello magical friends, and welcome to episode 56 of WZRD Radio. I’m your hostwitch Bess, and today is my birthday! So make sure you have a treat today, okay? We can toast with our cauldron cakes.

My party guest today is Nancy of Nanzdemort! We could have talked for hours; it was such fun.

But first, some music to get us in the partying mood.

Here’s Tonks and the Aurors with “Wizard Punks.”


That was Tonks and the Aurors with “Wizard Punks” [lyrics], “You Said” by Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons, and Harry and the Potters with “The Blood of a Prince.”

Let’s get the party started! Here’s Nanzdemort.

Welcome to the show, Nancy of Nanzdemort.! I’m so happy to have you here.

Nancy: Wow. I’m so excited to be here. Thank you for inviting me.

Ah, this is gonna be a lot of fun. So what is your history with wizard rock?

Nancy: Well, um, it’s not like a history-history, actually. It was very random. I didn’t even know that there was a name for it. I, I didn’t know it was called wizard rock. First of all, I was like 14 years, um, old. Now I’m 27 so you can make your math <laugh>. Uh, it was sometime ago I was reading a fan fiction of Sirius Black and James Potter. And, uh, it was very sad, very touching, uh, be—because Sirius black was my favorite character in that time. So I, I search on YouTube, like “Sirius Black music” <laugh> because I wanted something, like, related to Sirius Black, because I wanted to feel the mood. And, and I found this, this song of Oliver Boyd, uh, “Bridge to the Other Side” with a picture of, of Sirius Black in the video and I was like “wow, this is amazing and it’s, it’s about Sirius!”

I was not sure if it was actually a song about Harry Potter or it was just because someone found it and put it with a image of Sirius Black. And, and at that time I was not an expert in English, you know, I’m from Mexico. Uh, I speak Spanish and, and I didn’t practice that much English. So <laugh>, at that time I was like “okay.” And I started to listen to the song once, uh, one, one time and then another, another, another. All the week I was listening to… listening to this song. And then I was like “It’s Harry Potter!” And I, I saved the link and then I kept, uh, going through the history, you know, that YouTube gave you in that time very random, but accurate info related to the song you were listening to. And I discovered there was a Harry and the Potters, there was the Whomping Willows.

And I said like “whoa, this is Harry Perry music.” And then years after that, because one of my friends gave me… she knew at the time that I like this kind of music, and she told me “oh, you like wizard rock” and I’m like “oh, <laugh>, oh, it, it has a name.” And, and she, she told me “yeah, well, I search for some of the bands you were listening to. And I found—“ uh, at that time it was the channel in YouTube and she gave it to me and I was like “okay, this is new.” I, I was, I was not searching deep enough. <laugh> So she gave me this CD, this compilation of different bands and music. And I was at that, that at that time, in that specific moment it happened. And that this is what I called… I was part of the last or the end of the first wave of wizard rock, if we can say it, because it was like 2007? So it was nearly the, the, the first phase of bands of wizard rock and, and I listened to it. And I kept with that because I didn’t know there was more wizard rock coming out. Until recent years <laugh> that I, I noticed like “oh, this is still going on. Wow.” Uh, I, I, I, I notice. And now I’m here! Gladly.

And as more than just a fan, uh, you are creating your own music. But you didn’t follow any of those original naming conventions “Character and the Last Name,” “The Characters.” You created something new for your band.

Nancy: Uh, I don’t see it that way. Actually I didn’t even know how I… sometimes I wonder why, why I, I called myself Nanzdemort <laugh>, it’s very weird because as you, as you know, and, and people must know I’m a Ravenclaw and I’m, uh, I think that everything Death Eater and Voldemort related is more of a Slytherin side. Uh, I feel it, I see it that way. It, it doesn’t have to be like that, but I don’t feel like… because it’s not like I really believe in the ideology that Voldemort had. It’s on the contrary. I don’t, I don’t think so, but it was more of, um, of how smart Voldemort was to create the name of Voldemort, Tom Riddle. I think it was a very smart, so I was like “okay, if I make a combination of my letters of my name” and, and I did several attempts and, and one of my friends was like “Why don’t you call yourself Nanz? Everyone calls you Nanz.” Because in the video games, I had a gamer tag unpronounceable, and people was not sure how to pronounce it. And they started to calling me ‘Rose’, but when they called me in the, in the video and the, in the call, I never understood it was referring to me.

So I decided to change it to Nanz because it’s like Nancy. And I was like “okay. And Nanz, Nanz.” And everyone called me Nanz in the gaming world. And one of my friends saw me, like “why don’t you call yourself Nanz? It’s, it’s something you identify with. I mean, we can call you like that.” And I’m like “yeah, but something Harry Potter related. That is not Potter related.” <laugh>. And, and, and he was, and he was like “okay, just think about it.” And then I was like “okay, Nanz… Nanz…” I wanted to say something like Voldemort…

Okay, in the end, I want something to be called something like… very difficult to mix in the letters and everything. I will just call myself Voldemort. Just as Voldemort.” And that’s when I mixed Nanzdemort. It was very simple in the end. Um, but I tried to search for a philosophical explanation and why ‘Voldemort.’ And in the end, um, I, I feel like, um, I like to speak from… how can I say it? Like, um, for the people that cannot or doesn’t know how to speak or just to make some conscious or awareness in a topic and, and, and to bring my ideals into something, uh, that can be heard by someone and maybe feel identified with. And in the end, this kind of characters, like Voldemort had some ideas, very bad ideas, but, uh, he wanted to include and to fight for the things he thought that were right. It’s not the same thing, not at all, but it’s like, okay, that’s the most smart idea I have <laugh> for now, the why, why of the name, why I’m called, uh, like that. But I like it. I like it. And I feel very identified with it. So it’s like “okay, Nanzdemort. It’s something Potter related and it’s my name and it works. <laugh>

I think it’s perfect.

Nancy: Thank you. Thank you.

So you mentioned that you started your wizard rock journey in the sad boy music, Oliver Boyd’s “Bridge to the Other Side,” you know, the tragedy of Sirius…

Nancy: Mhm.

My patrons were wondering, are there any wrock songs you listen to, to cheer up?

Nancy: Yeah. I do have them. And those, all of them are sad. <laugh> No, no, no. It’s my way of dealing with life. I think. No, no. I think that when I’m feeling down the song that I listen, most of the times, it’s, “I’m a Wizard” from Harry and the Potters. It’s a very simple song. It’s very brief, but it means a lot. It means like, uh, for me… honestly, when I’m sad, it’s the song I, I sang. Because, um, it is about being in a situation where you cannot, like, you don’t find an end, like maybe ‘this is my situation and I have to accept it, but I wish I could have more.’ And then you discover and find the opportunity to be something else or to make something that you like, that you prefer. And, and that will be awesome. And you have the chance and people gave it to you and you take it and, and now everything’s fine. Like you find your way. And I think that it’s when I’m feeling down and recently that I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff, uh, in my family, in my, in my, in my health, I think like “okay, this is my situation now. And, but there will be a light in the end.” And, and I like it. I, I, this is the song that I, I sing the most.

And of course the one that I like, like when I have want to have the energy, because it brings me back to my teen years, it’s “Draco and Harry” by the Whomping Willows.” I think everyone knows this song. <laugh> I think that this is the song that, um, make me laugh. And if I feel like, uh, excited or something, I think it’s the first one, “Draco and Harry,” on my playlist on Spotify, not on Spotify, on YouTube, because I have a list of, of YouTube songs. And this is the first one, because this was the first one and the last of the list. And I have someone, some of the songs song, song repeat, because I, I just because I like to listen to, to, to them. But I think that these two are like the most important for me. One, uh, “I’m a wizard” I think is my, my top favorite. But yeah, I’m sorry if it’s a sad song, but it helps me.

No, I think those are perfect. And both definitely classics.

Nancy: Yeah, definitely classics. And most recently, uh, the “Flying Car” that, uh, it’s of, of Candle Wix and now that, um, uh, TK made the cover of the song, it’s also very nice, in the most recent, um, uh, album they did. I think it’s awesome, um, the, the, the cover.

I haven’t gotten to hear the cover yet, but “Flying Car” is one of SlytherSpouse’s all time favorite wizard rock songs.

Nancy: And of course “I’m an Eagle” of Dream Quaffle.


Nancy: It’s one of my favorites because I’m a Ravenclaw! And there are no Ravenclaw songs! <laugh>. So, I mean, there are, but how many? Not, not that many. And, uh, I think it’s very smart and we even did a cover of that, of course, for the Cover Swap. And because it’s my, my favorite. I think it’s one of the best songs of the, of, of, of this, uh, modern wizard rock, I think is one of the best. Absolutely.

Those are some amazing shoutouts.

Nancy: Yeah.

If they haven’t heard them before people are gonna find their new favorite songs.

Nancy: Absolutely. I agree. Yeah. They must listen to them.

Now we’re gonna take a trip into the wizarding world.

Nancy: Okay.

You are at karaoke night with everyone at Hogsmeade and Hogwarts, and you have to do a duet, but the only people that wanna go up there with you are the Hogwarts ghosts. My patrons wanna know: which one do you pick to sing the duet? And what song would you do?

Nancy: What song… Okay. Song… Song I don’t know, but first… Okay. The, the, the ghost will be the Fat Friar because I think that he could make some opera voices. So… And also, I mean, it’s a, uh, it’s a priest, so probably—and from old times—so probably he can make, like, Gregorian voices, probably, and it will be awesome. <laugh> So if you, if… maybe not wizard rock, like completely wizard rock, but if I can, if add or sing “Back to Hogwarts” of A Very Potter Musical. That has some very deep voices, I think that would be very fun. Maybe to have different people and to sing songs with different people in a karaoke night. And, and this song that is very long and has a lot of people involved. That would be a, a cool song to sing with him. I think so.

I love that. So presumably that would make like you Harry and the Fat Friar, like, the Ron character. So then who would you assign, like, Hermione and Draco?

Nancy: Of, of ghosts?

It doesn’t have to be ghosts but we’ll stick with like the Hogsmeade/Hogwarts crew.

Nancy: Probably Hermione, the Fat Lady. And <laugh>, it would be very fun if Draco is Sir Cadogan.

I love that.

Nancy: I, I know that they are, they are, um, paintings, but they can sing. Totally.

I see no reason not. And Cadogan would definitely do the Very Potter series Draco credit with the falling and the rolling.

Nancy: <laugh>. Absolutely. It would be very fun!

I think you’ve really hit on something there. Ooh. Who would play Dumbledore? Would Dumbledore play Dumbledore? Would McGonagall play Dumbledore?

Nancy: McGonagall play Dumbledore…

Who’s gonna hold that really long note toward the end?

Nancy: Hmm…. Dumbledore… Someone funny. Probably Dobby. Why not? Well, I mean, it’s very weird. You cannot, uh, probably… Because of the voice of, of Dumbledore, according to the song is very, um, uh, strong and Dobby has a very soft voice. But you, you don’t know. Uh, [snaps] you know, who, uh, the centaur, um, Firenze? I think it’s pronounced because in Spanish it sounds different.

Yeah, I always think of it just as the, the city Florence, yeah.

Nancy: Ah, yeah. Okay. Firenze. Okay. Yeah, because in Spanish I pronounce it, uh, Firenze. Uh, maybe because of a strong voice, but no, I think Dobby will be fun because it’s completely the opposite of, of, of Dumbledore. And maybe with some singing lessons could have like this strong voice. I don’t know. Maybe. It would be very fun.

That would be amazing.

Nancy: It would be—It’s something fun to watch because it will be very dramatic, maybe.

Mm-hmm. You know, I never thought about it before, but I bet Dobby would have stage fright.

Nancy: Ah, yeah. But you know what? No, because he… in the beginning maybe. But once he got, you know, the self confidence and he also wanted to fight for what was right and, and everything, I think that he could make it.

I think so.

Nancy: With the, with the right words, he will feel brave enough to do it.

Dance break! Here’s “La La Luna” by Hawthorn and Holly.


That was “La La Luna” by Hawthorn and Holly, The Pumpkin Pasties singing “142 Staircases” [lyrics], and the Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs with “Ron’s Wand” [lyrics].

“La La Luna” was a special request from WZRD’s dear patron Geoff, who sends a shout out to “all the folx who were la la lucky enough to see Hawthorn and Holly perform this song la la live at La La LeakyCon! Hope you had a great time.”

Here’s more of the conversation with Nancy.

So my patrons were wondering: you’ve been putting out a lot of music lately with the EP and the singles and being on the comps. Are there musicians that have inspired you?

Nancy: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Uh, definitely. I mean, I really like music. Like I really love music. I wanted to study music at some point in my life, but I was not able to. Um, I, I’m not an expert, I don’t know, theoretical music, but, uh, I try to learn by myself some of this stuff. And most of the things I know, I learn it by listening to another band and to know how make some thing. Like how they play this kind of music or this song. And I I’ve been inspired by a lot of English, uh, American bands, uh, also British bands, but most of my music, it’s more, uh, American-Spanish bands, like, uh, in, in Spanish, in Mexico, we have these bands, old bands like, uh, Caifanes that is from the eighties, nineties. It’s rock in Spanish and it was more of, um, um, protest music.

And they are inspired in many bands of Argentina. And there is SodaStereo that it is a very popular and famous band in Spanish. And it’s the same protest music. And, uh, recently, I mean, from eight years ago, till now I listen to a Spanish rapper it’s from Puerto Rico and it’s called Residente and he makes protest music in rap. But he mixes the, the music Bossa Nova, uh, cumbia uh, different types of genres. And it’s the art behind that, that I like. And in the end, it’s like the sound saying something and the lyrics saying another thing, I think that’s more the thing that intrigues me more the most. And, and of course I want to take advantage that I really like, uh, Harry Potter and the magic world. And I take it to say something about a social and political situation in a way, because, uh, that’s what my music talks about, about, uh, social um…

And, and, and not only my music, most of the wizard work talks about it. That’s what I like about wizard rock. Because people, uh, have something to say. Everyone needs to say something and they take the magic and, and take the characters we know, or the magic we know to say something. And it’s like “look, here we are. If you don’t understand it this way, you will understand it this other way.” And we are doing this. And of course there are a lot of things we have to say, and that’s, that’s the beauty that we have in the wizard rock, that you can take the magic world to talk about so many things that are are going in in the world that is happening. And we can take it to speak up and tell to others “this is what’s happening and, and, and we are worried for this and we are fighting and we are trying to transmit this through my music and through the music of the people” so everyone can hear it and understand the situation.

In the end it is very deep. Everyone talks and touches these very deep situations and people enjoy it. And, and that’s awesome. The other day, I, I was, uh, showing to a friend, the, the music of Bisexual Harry and, and my friend was like “wow, that’s awesome”. <laugh> and, and she, she, uh, she got it. She, she got the song and she told me “I will write the song about, about this.” And maybe you will listen to it at some point. I won’t say any more details. I will let you know when this happens. <laugh> But this was something that I just told her like “oh, yes, this is wizard rock and, you know, there are new ones and people is working on it.” And, and my friend told me “oh, listen, give me some music.”

I, I gave to her, uh, some songs and she told me “wow, this, this song is amazing. And it’s very funny. I like it.” And, and I told her like “look, the, the, the movement is doing all this.” And she told me “I will write a song. I, I like it.” And oh yeah. I was like “thank you. That’s amazing.” More because, uh, she’s from Mexico and, and of course the music will be in Spanish. So, so I was like “I’m so proud.” I mean, I didn’t, I, I did nothing just to show her, but I’m so I’m, I’m proud of that because she identified with that and, and she wants to be part of that. And I’m glad of this. So I’m sorry, I completely deviate from the main question, but, um, I think that this kind of music that you, you mix the music because—also this is another thing that I really like about wizard rock is that people make the music, the, the, the track related to the magic or to the music we identified with Harry Potter.

So you said “ah, it’s something about the Harry Potter,” this kind of, of tone. And, and then you hear something about Harry Potter about music, about a character and like “oh, that’s awesome. It’s talking about Ginny!” <laugh>. And, and, you know, like, I don’t know, maybe because, uh, people who likes music, is very in touch with their feelings and with the sounds, and they can mix and create amazing things that you can relate the music, the, the character, the history it’s telling in the song. Uh, even if it’s a, a song with very little verses in the end, it’s a message that you understand and that you feel identified with. And this is the thing I like the most, that you can identify it with a song with the music, with the message. And maybe you said like “ah, okay, in this song, I don’t like that much, the, this part of the song” of the music, but in the end, this is, it is lyrics. It’s, it’s the, this is the message!

And, and you keep listening to it because of the message, because you get goosebumps when you listen to one song, I think that’s the most important thing, that you feel something where when you are listening to it. So in my experience from the, the music I know in Spanish, I, I like it because I feel these goosebumps every time I listen one of their songs. So that’s why I stick with them. And I keep listening and, and, and consuming their music, but also in the wizard rock, if I’m in the community it’s because I feel something when I’m listening to, to the songs people create. And, and it’s people, I dunno, it’s, it’s, it’s very different the way you live it in the community of wizard rock with another community. Because the community is very supportive and you can get in touch with, with the artists and, and ask them questions.

And, and everyone is so, um, cheerful. And so, uh, lovable also. <laugh> So that’s what I like, because it’s very human, everything. It’s very, very human. That sometimes you cannot find it in, in other types of, of communities, or maybe because I have not search enough. But that’s what I like about the wizard rock community that you can even get this inspired from another wizard rocker to write something. And that’s why I think it, there are a lot of collaborations now because people identify and they want to work together and they want to make great music because we are in the same channel, maybe, at some point. So I like it. And that’s why it inspires me.

So you touched on this a little bit already having brought someone new into wizard rock and having them starting to create, but what is your best advice for someone wanting to become a wizard rocker?

Nancy: I think that the, the main stopper is “I’m not that professional.” “I’m not that good.” “I don’t have the resources.” I think that’s a blocker and, um, an issue for many of us to start. But that’s the, the thing of wizard rock. You don’t have to be a professional. I mean, you, you, if you record something, you try to do it the best you can. But you don’t have to, you don’t need a professional microphone. You don’t need, uh, a super expensive program in your computer, in your computer of, of a lot of, uh, of dollars. I mean, you just need to have the, to write the lyrics and record it in your bedroom and practice again and again and again, until it’s perfect or almost perfect. And share with people. Uh, I think that’s the feeling, and, and in the end, the message is, is if you want to do it, if you are curious about it, just follow your heart. Your heart never lies.

You will enjoy it. You will let yourself enjoy it. And the community will enjoy it because we are always glad and happy to see new people coming to, to share the music, to, to share their thoughts. And that’s the most important thing to, to know what others have to say about topic, about something through music. Because we, all of us will love music. And that’s the, the beauty of, of this. And in the end, I mean, if you think, or if you have been thinking about creating new content, creating new music, just because you like the world, or because you have to say something like in a, in a protest way or in an environmental, uh, side of things, or about anything, social or political issues, and you want to use this world to, to make this message available or share just what you think, or maybe just a fantasy you have it’s okay.

Just do it. I mean, there are no blockers. Uh, you can do it and we will be happy to listening to, to these new, new content you have to share. Because we are always happy and positive of the new people of the incoming people. And, and to know that… I think the, the thing that I like the most is is when you listen people from another parts of the world. When you listen wizard rock in French or, or in, uh, Finnish, in Swedish… I mean, that’s the awesome part of this, that there is people trying to communicate something, share their music, their talents to the world, through, um, through the magic world, through Harry Potter. In the end it’s something we all love. And if you love it, just do it. We will enjoy it. We will share it to others and we will support you. I think that’s a, uh, uh, the message I want to send. And I think everyone is always willing to help you in, in any way. Like, if you have any doubt you can always ask and people will tell you and will give you advice. That’s, that’s awesome. That’s… I think the wizard rock the most important and heart of the wizard rock is in the community. Without the community being so supportive and, and great, I think we don’t have anything. But yeah, that’s what I have to say.

I like to always ask for, like, a really concrete piece of advice, like… something you learned about microphone placement while recording, or how to create the best beat in a program. Do you have any advice like that?

Nancy: Mm, uh, technical advice. Well, I’m not, I’m not good with the beats, honestly. I still don’t know how to do it, how to do them. If you know, you can, now you know, you can give me the advice. <laugh> You can, you can teach me please. Um, but, uh, I’m very good with the… with two things. There are some links to webpages where you can download sound effects from this website. I don’t remember the name. I have it in my favorites, honestly. I will post the link. I will give you the link and Bess will add it in the description. It’s, um, creative commons friendly. So it’s free. Many people upload ambient noises. I use them a lot because I also record—record them myself. Uh, and, and we just upload this sound or ambient sound so you can use it in your tracks. And the good thing is that you can modify them.

You can use them however you want to. And it’s free of rights because, uh, it’s, that’s, that’s the reason the website exists. So you don’t have to do anything. Even you can read, like all this “this sound effect has, uh, rights reserve “ so maybe you don’t use it, but it’s always there. And people who upload upload them as free of, of, of property rights. So you can use it as you want. And you can use it or use them to make some beats or to make anything. I use them for my music. And most of my sounds, uh, backing sounds or noises or effects, most of them are recorded by me, but other parts of them, of course not. I download them from this, uh, website and I modify them as I like them. So I will give you this advice. Um, technical advice that I, I use a lot.

Speaking of sounds that you use in your songs, what are you working on now?

Nancy: Well, now I have two productions going. <laugh> Two songs. One of them talks about a very sensitive giant. Um, I love it. It’s my… I think one of my favorite works I’ve worked on, uh, it’s one of my favorite projects, but it’s getting hard because, um, sometimes I feel myself as a perfectionist and it’s a, it’s a problem because I’ve been changing it a lot. Removing this part of the, the lyrics and then changing this chorus. So it’s taking some time. I have, I I’ve been working on it like three months and it’s so much. Um, but because I like it! I like it that much that I want it to be perfect. So I, I hope, uh, I can finish it soon. And I have another one that I really like also, but I’m having trouble with the beats because I’m not very good with the beats.

So I’m having some issues, but I have the, the lyrics and everything, and it’s about the centaurs. So that’s, uh, my, my current projects I’m working on, of course it related to social and political issues, but it’s my way of speaking and, and saying things. And of course, uh, the giant song, when you listen to it, I, I hope that you really like it because, uh, it’s uh, about love. I have one song about love that is”Amortentia/Amortentia,” um, it’s about, uh, Tom Riddle. Well, you already listen to it. I hope you already did. If you haven’t, you can go and, and look for it. Uh, but this was a more crazy love. This one of the giant is, uh, a sensitive way of loving, uh, the desire, the this part that I never have done that before. I think that’s my first song in the wizard rock that I do like this. So I hope you like it.

I imagine we will. You are also working on the Wizrocklopedia Compilation Club.

Nancy: Yes <laugh> Yes, I am. This has been, uh, wow. An amazing adventure. I was so under pressure because this is my first time organizing something this big. And, um, I mean, I worked on projects before, but not like this and not in a musical project. This is my first, uh, music related project. And, and, you know, we have to gather 10 bands, um, that, uh, that write a song for wizard rock. And in case of, of, of someone listening this, this episode, and they don’t know. So we have to gather these 10 bands and make a new album with whole new music that it’s not been heard before. So I need to, to gather these bands and, and… It has been a, you know, has been a wow! An experience! Because I didn’t, I don’t know that many bands. I mean, I know the most recent bands, and of course I know the, the pioneers of wizard rock.

So people and band in between, and there are, we have a lot of bands inside the community and I didn’t know. And then the topic of this compilation, this edition of the compilation, that is the third album, I was, I was a little bit scared because the topic is, uh, different. So I cannot say that much and that many details. We have the bands, we have the music, it’s—everything is going perfectly fine. And it’s awesome because we have people around the world. We have, uh…sadly, I, I, I, I wanted more, but we only have two languages in, uh, of song, uh, two different languages in the album. Some songs are in, not in English. So this is, this is something new? Not new, because, because we already know that there is an album with, uh, more languages, uh, involved from last year’s compilation.

But this time I think the topics are amazing and it’s very diverse. You will find every kind of different, uh, different types of music and genres and different type of topics they talk about. It’s related to, of course, to Harry Potter. And of course, in this addition, I can say that it’s related to something about Hogwart. So, and more of the journey you, you go through in Hogwarts. So now they’re working on the master. So wait for it! Wait. For. It.

Soon, uh, I will make the revelation of the bands. I wanted to be more close to the release date to start. That’s why I’m not posting, but, uh, getting nearer to the date, I will start posting which bands. And probably, maybe you can have an idea and maybe you won’t have an idea. But wait for it. You will, when you have the, the new music, I think you will love it.

I’m gonna pause here for a little more music. This is “Bury Me” by The Weasel King.


That was “Bury Me” by The Weasel King [lyrics], Creevey Crisis with “One Last,” “More Like Luna” by Anna Leigh [lyrics], and “My Parents are Muggles” by Seen and Unforeseen [lyrics].

Let’s get back to that interview!

Thank you so much for talking with me today.

Nancy No—

It’s been a blast.

Nancy: Thank you for inviting me. This is my first interview. Wow. Thank you. <laugh>

Well, it’s been spectacular. Where can WZRD listeners find you online?

Nancy: You can find me right now, only on Twitter as Nanzdemort. That’s the only app I have on my phone. that’s why. Sorry. Um, because I cannot get distracted. You can find me in Twitter as Nanzdemort and in Discord also. I’m in the, in the Wizard Rock Revival channel also, uh, Discord server and in the group in Facebook. So you can find me there as Nancy Cruz.

Sometimes I comment sometimes I don’t sorry, <laugh> I, I don’t have that many access to, to social media because then it’s a problem. I get addicted to it. But the, the easiest way to find me is on Twitter, because that’s the only app I have in my phone. So you can find me there and, and I will be very glad if you ask any question, if you want to know more, I will be there and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

And if they want to buy your music?

Nancy: Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh, you can find me in BandCamp as Nanzdemort also. I think I have them, most of the songs, if it’s not all of them. I have them, you can download it for free. So if you—I mean, you don’t have to pay, but if you want support, of course it’s welcome. Everything is welcome, but you can download it for free because, uh, I’m just starting. And also, I just want to share some message. And you can find lyrics in there that are in Spanish. Also, there is a translation in English, if you’re an English speaker, you can find the, the translation there. And yeah, I think you can find me in those sites.

Congratulations to Autumn and Gianna, the first listeners to guess episode 55’s theme of “Hufflepuff!” I hope you enjoy your new copies of “With You, Whatever Happens.”

If you heard a song today and you thought “I could listen to that again” then go to the transcript at WZRDRadioPod.com, follow the link and buy a copy of your very own. It’s the best way to support your favorite musician, and without our wizard rockers, we wouldn’t be here.

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And now, here’s Nanzdemort!

Nancy: I’m Nanzdemort and here at WZRD Radio I present to you “Queremos Liberdad,” the second track of my EP album that I just released a month ago. What I can say about this song is its one of my top favorite projects I’ve worked on and took me four months to be finished. The sound effects took me some time to be done. This song talks about the first documented goblin rebellion in 1612 and, as you can imagine, this song talks about freedom and how an organized community that fight for their rights can make things happen to start something fair and new.

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