Episode 62: Bisexual Harry

Hello magical friends, and welcome to episode 62 of WZRD Radio! I’m your hostwitch Bess, and today’s interview is someone that’s new to the scene, but already part of our hearts. It’s Bisexual Harry!

We cover everything from the magic that is LeakyCon to essential tips for new wrockers, so you’re gonna want to hear this one.

However, this is a music-forward podcast, so let’s start there.

This is Draco and the Malfoys with “Fixin’ Up a Cabinet.”


That was “Fixin Up A Cabinet” by Draco and the Malfoys [lyrics], How Airplanes Fly singing “Molly, I’ve Loved You” [lyrics], and QuickSpell with “King’s Cross” [lyrics].

“Fixing Up A Cabinet” was special request from my magical patron Geoff. They send out a shoutout “To Katherine, Lara, Brian, Adam, Lan, and Autumn. Thanks for taking the time to take a wizard rock family photo at LeakyCon! Don’t worry: next time we’ll get Matt, Bradley, Jay, and Cass before they can sneak off.”

Let’s get to that interview!

Welcome to the show, Lan of Bisexual Harry!

Lan: Thank you. Bess! I love your show so much. I’m really happy to be here.

Oh my gosh, that is so kind of you to say. I’m really excited to get to talk to you today. You sort of exploded onto the scene this year. I was checking it and I think your song just came out, like, January… maybe it was on the Sampler last year?

Lan: Yeah, January 5th, 2022. I know this because that’s my release date for the upcoming album cuz I’m a total sap and want to do an anniversary release. Yeah, so I’m totally a baby in wizard rock. I mean, first track came out this year and… so thanks for having me on the show already.

Oh absolutely. I like getting the whole spectrum of experiences and that is the place I always like to start, with your history with wizard rock. Maybe, you know, the first music you heard, how you got into it?

Lan: Yeah, totally. I mean I only found fan fiction in 2019 so like I didn’t know fandom even existed, really, before that. Like I knew about Potter Puppet pals but I didn’t really… I thought that was it. So it like just blew my freaking mind honestly when I read my first fic and I dove right in after that because it just was so awesome. Just the way people would tinker with canon and just the unapologetically, like, queer nature of all of it and gosh it was just so great and like at the same time that I fully embraced like my nerdiness in that way, I also started transitioning and part of that was because like the Harry Potter fandom just really like… I don’t know, like I couldn’t lie to myself anymore <laugh>. So it was sort of—not sort of—very heartbreaking when like literally only a couple months later like everything came out <laugh> and it was just really hard to like have, like, this really intense like emotional like two years where I had like crazy, crazy amounts of joy with being in the queer Harry Potter fandom and like transitioning and living my truth but also like the author of this thing that I loved so much who was so involved like hates me <laugh>.

Um, so it was just really intense and I was just looking for, like, resources in the queer fandom with how to like separate this and how to heal and y’all know about this, but um, the Gaily Prophet recommended the Transfiguration Compilation for Trans Rights, which is like a wizard rock response to everything that JKR was doing. That was the first wizard rock I heard. It was in late 2020 when I heard it and I… I just, it was everything like… It was like a whole new frontier of fan fiction for me where like there was so more queer Harry Potter fandom than I even knew and I just like ate everything up from then. And after hearing that compilation, literally the next day I wrote “WAD” cuz I already had a Tumblr blog under that name because when I heard “WAP” I immediately thought “Wet Ass Drarry” and wanted to make that my like fan fiction recommendation blog.

But I never thought that I would make the actual song because like I’m not a musician and who cares, but when I like heard the trans comp and heard like the wide range of quality and just like the content of it, I thought “oh my gosh, like people might actually care about this” and like “this is something that exists and that I can do.” And so I wrote it and it took like an entire year for me to actually execute because I have no musical skills whatsoever. But after I released it earlier this year, like I’ve just been living. Like oh my gosh, like just like living my dreams. Like I just, it’s so sappy but I’m just such a big fan of Harry Potter fandom and wizard rock and so, like, the reaction was amazing and like immediately Geoff whose Dream Quaffle like reached out to me to commission Bisexual Harry to make a song for Alphabet Soup for the Wizrocklopedia Compilation Club and I was like “oh my gosh, like I thought ‘WAD’ would be it, but I guess there’s more to do.”

And then I realized I had, like, so much more to say and all the ideas were like pouring out and just like other things I had to say about Harry and like other fan fiction things to bring into wizard rock that sort of have been separate between wizard rock and fan fiction and like just also things to say about myself through Harry, like sort of embodying the Bisexual Harry persona has been a big part of this for me because like, I don’t know, like I’m transitioning and trying to figure out like who I am and just like… Drarry fan fiction has been such a big part of that and so yeah, there’s a lot to explore and it’s just been awesome and Harry Potter “trademark” might be theirs but the queer Harry Potter fandom is ours and I just love it and I feel good about supporting it and it really helps me live my truth. So I just wanna like thank everybody and I love it so much. <laugh>,

So you’ve really done, like, a fandom speed run just coming in in 2019, fan fiction, listening to podcast, creating music all in a rush.

Lan: Yeah, for real. And like the pandemic lent perfectly to that. Like suddenly there was like nothing to do and, but I had this new special interest and it was like “all right, like let’s go!” And literally like reading each fan fiction and listening to each wizard rock song, like, I could feel my life improving cuz like there’s just so many mental health themes in fan fiction and just so many delightful little tidbits in wizard rock and I just can’t describe it like… they are liberatory stories, like I’ll probably say that a lot but you don’t get this sort of thing in mainstream media that much, like, it’s crumbs. Whereas in this whole fandom and like fan ecosystem, people are like saying what’s true and saying just such great things that I never heard before and gave me such new perspectives and it was just, yeah. So the speed run was awesome. I went deep fast and I yeah have no regrets. <laugh>

Now, uh, just cuz I’m shamelessly curious, I always like to ask where your band name came from and it sounds like maybe the song actually came first.

Lan: Yes it did. Because I, like I said, right after I heard “WAP” I thought of “Wet Ass Drarry” right away and made that into my Tumblr blog. So when I wrote the song the day after I found wizard rock, like I knew “okay, if I’m gonna release this I need to release it under a name.” So I came up with Bisexual Harry and did not think it through at all. It is very Tumblr url-y but I, I actually really like it because it is so true that Harry is a bisexual disaster and so am I. <laugh> And I found my identity through this fandom and so it just feels right to like be making art as Bisexual Harry right now and cosplaying as Bisexual Harry… Some other people involved with Bisexual Harry also fall under the bisexual umbrella like our Draco who’s my sister Cass. And I just think it, it also signals to people since it’s like a queer thing, “Bisexual,” right next to a Harry Potter thing, “Harry,” it sort of, I, I hope that it signals that like we’re safe and queer and doing something different with this thing that sort of has become so toxic and hard to engage with. So I really like it even though I did not consider… consider it at all at first and I thought that “WAD” would be one and done but you know, it works. I like it.

You used “our” and “we” a couple times in reference to Bisexual Harry, so is it a group?

Lan: Yeah, I’d say so. I mean I was definitely the only one who cared at the beginning, <laugh> like at all. Like no one that I live with or talk to about wizard rock all the time cause that’s all I talk about can stand it. Um, basically like during the pandemic I was living with my sisters and they could not stand a single song except “I Should Not Have Said That” by Rubeus and the Hagrids, they love that song but they just hate the rest of wizard rock. But now especially after Leaky, which I brought my sister Cass, who’s Draco, and my mom Mel, who’s Narcissa, to, they loved it so much and like now they’re total stans. But at first especially like I’m the only one who really cared but basically any, anyone who was sort of in my pod during the pandemic heard so much wizard rock and all about wizard rock and all about my plans for “WAD” and I just got everyone involved that I could.

So that was my sister Cass who’s Draco and our best friend Bridget who was Ginny in the video and who also filmed the video and I, I got my dad to do the “enemy house” sort of sample in “WAD.” <laugh> And my other sister Randy came up with a song idea that’s gonna be on the album and then like a couple other friends who came home this past summer from school—from music school—are gonna be on there too and also help me with some ideas and yeah. So just like basically anyone I meet if they have any sort of interest in Harry Potter or wizard rock or if they’re a musician of any sort or just if they’re nice I try and like sort of loop them in and like get some collaborations going because wizard rock has sort of forced me to like, like build a community because I don’t have the skills to do it myself.

So it’s been a really fun like communal experience to like collaborate with all these different people in my life in something really fun and cool. And also now that I’m in the community to collaborate with a bunch of wizard rockers. So I… Basically, I think that anyone who touches any bisexual hairy project is in Bisexual Harry and is like part of the Bisexual Harry family. So like “WAD” was mastered by this one friend of ours, Jake. So I’d say Jake’s in the Bisexual Harry family. In our track for the Alphabet Soup compilation, um, it was a parody of a Potter Puppet Pals song and my cousin’s girlfriend is Hermione in that so I’d say she’s in the Bisexual Harry family. So really it’s a family and it’s just like a bunch of different people making music together and having fun.

That’s really wonderful. I like that it’s so communal as you said.

Lan: Yes, me too. It’s it’s great. It’s, it just makes it so fun.

Now my patrons were wondering, and you did touch on this a little bit already, what fannish podcasts do you listen to and more specifically for anyone who is curious, which ones would you recommend?

Lan: So this is a great question, although I’m probably the worst person to ask it cuz I actually have only ever listened to one podcast for more than one episode and it’s your podcast. I’ve listened to like episodes here and there when there’s like a guest that I care about and I’ve met some really great podcasters like in Chicon I met Eric Coleman who does FilkCast and I obviously know Karl-Johan too, of FilkCast and I’d love to listen to some of that. And Sequoia and Kim from Fanatical Fics are great and of course Geoff from Dream Quaffle has a bunch of podcasts. But I just can’t do it like I need the visual element or I lose interest and just feel really, like, restless <laugh>. So I do a lot of like fan videos so like fan films and series on YouTube. Um, if anyone’s interested in any of that I have a playlist called “Magical Fan Works” on the “You’re Bisexual, Harry” YouTube page so you can check that out. But in terms of podcasts, I really only listen to WZRD Radio podcast. But there are some really, really great ones out there. So ask someone else though <laugh>.

That’s an excellent recommendation. I will take that.

Lan: Nice.

My patrons were also wondering: if you’re at Hogwarts and there’s going to be a cypher…

Lan: Mhm.

You need a Hogwarts HipHop Crew, who are you recruiting?

Lan: Let’s go. I love this question so much and if it was a rap battle I would definitely go like with Slytherins or maybe even like professors but since it’s a cypher and we’re having some, like, friendly free styling, um, there’s only one answer I think and it’s Fred and George and also if you throw Lee Jordan in there like I just feel like it would be amazing. But Bess, what would, do you agree? Like do you have a Hogwarts hiphop crew?

No, um, <laugh>, I mean that makes the most sense to me because they have the most energy and willingness to throw themselves into fun wholeheartedly.

Lan: Right? It just makes sense. <laugh>

What about non-students? Like you can’t pick anyone from Hogwarts.

Lan: Oh…

Parents, Death Eaters, Shopkeeps… get Florean Fortescue in there. Who would you cobble together from that list of options?

Lan: So there was discussion at LeakyCon about the superiority of Lucius x Lockhart pairing because they would wash each other’s hair and I also think that they would both just be hilarious in a cypher like and would just have a lot to say—probably about themselves. But I think it would be really, really fun fun to watch that. So that comes to mind right away.

I think we asked Ash from Aguamenti a similar question and they said uh… oh no I just forgot his name… Aragog!

Lan: Oh my gosh! I don’t remember that from that interview. I love that so much.

Because the, the spider language might lend itself to really interesting rhythm.

Lan: Wow.

I thought that was a brilliant answer.

Lan: Wow. Blown away Once again.

Oh look! Here’s our next music break.

Here’s Solitary Snape singing “Brain Room.”


That was Solitary Snape with “Brain Room” [lyrics], Hollow Godric and “Pg. 394”, and Mudblud with “Butterbeer” [lyrics].

And here’s more Lan of Bisexual Harry.

Now you’ve been name dropping all the amazing people you met at LeakyCon in Denver and I couldn’t go and I have never regretted anything more.

Lan:Aw. <laugh>

So I would love to hear a little bit about how it was.

Lan: Yes, of course. Oh my gosh. Literally just meeting everybody was so awesome. It was so awesome. Like… these people are larger than life to me but just figuring out how laid back and cool they are as people was so awesome and just, you know? Like also they care about wizard rock, which is awesome, like just talking wizard rock with everybody like Lara who is so sweet and there was Kathy who’s the Hogwarts Therapist was there and Autumn was there, Autumn Brooke and Geoff of course who meeting an online friend like that was just beyond. But also there was like some surprising people there too. There was Mia from NEWTs, which is a pretty elusive band. So that was really, really cool to like get to learn a little bit more about her sort of process for wizard rock and like her her plans and she came all the way from Wales so that was really cool.

And also just some wizard rock adjacent people. Like there was this, this person named Jen who like knows a lot of wizard rockers and had a lot of stories and it was just really cool to meet so many people and just to like make friends <laugh> as Lan like I haven’t really done that. Like that sounds so dumb but since I transitioned like during the pandemic it’s been really hard to like feel like I can have a life and like that people will like who I am. So it was really cool to like make friends at LeakyCon as Lan and also as like my alter ego Bisexual Harry and just feel so completely accepted.

It was really profound and I had sort of the same experience a couple months earlier at Chicon. I really, really clicked with Luna and her band and it was just really, really thrilling to see artists my age who are like fully doing the thing and I don’t know. I had similar experiences at both cons and it was gosh just so great. But I do need to tell you about the wizard rock show because it <laugh> it was so good and like I said, it converted my family who were so not wizard rock stans into fans. Oh my gosh. Like having Dream Quaffle open that show with a Robbie Coltrane tribute, with “The Tale of Hagrid” so amazing and they just slayed their set so hard. Like I was worried at the Wizard Rock Cafe the next day because I like basically almost lost my voice screaming at the wizard rock show.

But gosh it was so amazing and just like for Geoff’s first wizard rock show, I just cannot believe it. They were just perfect. And Lara killed it as well. Oh my gosh. Like “Neville the Brave” like has been stuck in my head since LeakyCon. Lara’s vocals were insane. Her range is crazy and it was just really cool that LeakyCon booked a local for the first Denver LeakyCon, that was really awesome. Lara’s just such a joy, really, really cool to talk to her. But oh my gosh, when I thought that I would never see a wizard rock show like I thought like “I’m getting into wizard rock in the 2020s, it’s too late, I’m never gonna see a wizard rock show. My life sucks.” And now suddenly like I’ve seen Tonks and the Aurors, Luna, Dream Quaffle, The Weirdos Are Out, The Whomping Willows, Draco and the Malfoys! Like okay, I’m sorry but I’m just living.

Anyway, the Whomping Willows and Draco and the Malfoys sets were really cool. For both sets we had Matt on the acoustic guitar and then Bradley was on a standing drum kit, which was an awesome choice. Brian was on guitar and just head banging and then there was Jay Ferguson on bass. And both sets, even though they had the same group, were really different and had great vibes. The Whomping Willows set was just like banger after banger and the whole time Bradley was going insane. Me and Cass were geeking out because Bradley was like hopping around hitting the symbol, hitting the snare, sweating, literally like cross-eyed as he was singing these backup vocals, like the vibes were crazy. And… yeah it was crazy. And they brought the house down literally like in between sets someone knocked over the partition between the stage and backstage and it was really, really funny. <laugh> But then Draco and the Malfoys went on um, which was like I said, the same group of guys and they did some classics too.

Potions Yesterday” was awesome, that was their opener. And then they closed with “My Dad Is Rich.” In between though they did some really, really cool stuff. I mean they did some of the stuff from their new album and a real crowd pleaser was uh, crap, what’s the name? “Myrtle The Moaner?” I think that’s it. And it’s just so great because there’s like this call and response where they sing like “cry and cry and cry and cry” and then the audience sings it back. And same with the “moan and moan and moan and moan” and everyone was just going crazy and it, it was so much fun and so cute. And then they like did the surprise Jimmy Buffet parodies. It was awesome. Yeah, Bradley planned like this whole thing where they did like karaoke of a bunch of Jimmy Buffet songs. I think they’re 12 or 13 in total.

They only did two for the set. “Snitchwiches is in Paradise” is hilarious. It was about like how bad convention food is and then how like a snitchwich comes and saves the day. (Uh, which is a sandwich of peanut butter and Golden Grahams, which the Harry and the Potters used to make all the time if people don’t know.) But gosh it was just a hell of a show. Like everyone killed it. It was awesome. It was so great. Literally like the weekend could have ended there on Friday night and my life would’ve been made but it didn’t like it just, it kept going like… It’s just crazy. Like… Draco and the Malfoys are still here like 20 years later like loving it and you can tell and they’re just so awesome. And bringing other wizard rockers into like that’s what the Wizard Rock Cafe is, it’s Brian Ross from Draco and the Malfoys sort of running sound for Wizard Rockers who come to Leaky but aren’t in the show.

So for our Wizard Rock Cafe, it was Adam from Potterwatch and then Kathy from the Hogwarts Therapist and then Autumn Brooke and then we closed it and it was just so awesome. Like everyone did amazing. Like Kathy hadn’t brought backing tracks, so Pat, who’s Brian’s dad and Lara pulled out their guitars and just like played “Jolene” for Kathy to sing “Joanne” to and it was just such a great moment. And then Autumn did a couple songs, one which was a work in progress, which was really great to hear and her songs are so cute on the ukulele and then we closed it and I was really nervous but everyone loved it. It was, it was so gratifying to to do “WAD” and the other song that we did and just have so much energy and like dozens of people in the room like getting it and really being as delighted as I’ve been reading fanfic and listening to wizard rock and of course Cass was killing it. She’s a flow artist so she was like doing a bunch of dancing and people really ate that up too. So…

Leaky Con is kind of ‘the big one’ for the Harry Potter fandom. Was it intimidating? Was it easy to jump in? How did you, how did you find your people?

Lan: Oh my gosh, not intimidating at all. So you have a LeakyCon schedule which lists all of the activities happening so you can see which panels are gonna have wizard rockers on it. Like all the different wizard rock happenings for the weekend. So if you go to any of those you’ll meet people who are really excited about it and want to trade ribbons or figure out who you are. Honestly such laid back vibes. There were tons of people there, it was sold out but it also felt very intimate as well because there’s like a main marketplace but then there’s also small rooms, which is where the programming is happening. And I, I’d say definitely just jump in, go to the wizard rock show Friday night and go to the panels that interest you. You’ll meet people that’ll wanna hang out.

Now that you’ve been here practically a whole year, what have people done to make you more comfortable and confident creating wizard rock?

Lan: Well literally just yesterday I got an Instagram message from Bradley from Draco in the Malfoys asking what he can do to help with the upcoming album. Like people are excited to collaborate. If you have any questions you can ask anyone and they will either help you or tell you who can. So that’s been really great. But there’s just such a great core group of people who are sharing so much exciting wizard rock content and just want to connect about this in listening parties on the Wizard Rock Discord and you know, just like on Facebook in the Wizard Rock Revival Facebook group and you will find your people and we’re all just really excited to to hear, hear more, hear what you have to say, hear what you have in your heart.

And that is a, a subset of “what is your best advice?” I think we covered some of it but do you have anything specific or technical?

Lan: I actually do because I have actually learned some things as I’ve been sort of stumbling around <laugh> uh, doing something. So I just wanna like say everything that I’ve learned but also with the caveat that there are probably better ways to do everything I’m gonna say. So this is probably just good for beginners <laugh>. But the first thing I would say is to use YouTube. I am completely YouTube self-taught. YouTube has a tutorial for anything you wanna do. So if you’re running into any issues or there’s a sound in your mind and you wanna make it happen, just look up how to do it on YouTube.

And something that took me a long time to learn is that recording music is a little harder than just like recording you singing with an instrument. Which you can do. You totally can have just one raw track of you just singing or you just singing with an instrument. But even if you do that, but if you have more than one track especially you’re gonna need a digital audio workstation. So it’s a “DAW” which is the thing that helps you to work with multiple clips of audio. So to like mix them and to add effects to them.

And one effect, the effect that I would tell beginners to use is noise reduction. Noise reduction will help you take that static and room noise out of your audio. So always record a couple seconds where you and your instruments are completely silent so that you’re capturing the room tone of where you’re recording. And then in your DAW you can use noise reduction or noise gate to take that out of your audio. So that is the number one effect I would suggest.

But um, digital audio workstations are things like FLStudio, Ableton, Adobe Audition, but there are some free options. If you have an Apple product you can use GarageBand but I only have pc so what I’ve been using is LMMS, um, which is what I’ve used to make all the beats that I have in my songs.

Literally to make parodies I just listen to the song really hard and try and figure out what the sound is. And like I go through LMMS’s free sample library and I listen for the sound that sounds most like the sound in the song and then I put it in there and if any of the sounds in the song that I’m listening to, like I can’t find something that works, then it just doesn’t make it into the track and that’s fine. Like it doesn’t need to be exactly the same. So that’s one way to like do this thing really, really basic.

Another thing that I didn’t know at first is how to make your song to the same volume as like normal songs. Cuz originally my songs were just really quiet and I couldn’t figure out like why couldn’t make them louder. Like I would try cranking up the volume using the volume knob on my DAW and that would make it distort or clip.

So the thing that I’ve used to get over that is a limiter. So that’s an audio effect you can put onto your track which allows you to set a cap. So my suggested cap is -1 decibel and then you can just like push the volume of the track up to it and like up as much as you want and it won’t distort or clip.

So those are just like the little things that took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out but that I would suggest for beginners.

And one other thing which isn’t free advice is an $11.99 app called Songbook, which Jill from the Midnight House Elves and Draco and the Malfoys actually turned me onto in LeakyCon. So this is the app that Draco and the Malfoys and wizard rockers use when performing and when having jam sessions to see lyrics and chords scrolling up through the screen of any device, it’s called “Songbook” and highly recommend it because then you won’t mess up up during your performance and if you ever do an in person wizard rock event, you can jam with people.

That’s my advice. But honestly, just have fun. We, we all just wanna hear like what’s true to you and… Yeah. Just have fun. And that’ll just make you have, have the most fun in your life as well, not just in wizard rock.

I think those are fabulous. It’s, I think, helpful for new people to get that little extra step ahead instead of having to find it all themselves.

Lan: Mhm.

So now you’ve mentioned an album and a new genre, what are you working on now?

Lan: Yes, so we are finishing up our first album, it’s called “You’re Bisexual Harry” and the release date is January 5th. So I don’t really wanna say too much but I do come from like a fan fiction background. We’re all about embracing gender and sexuality so it might get a little horny on main but it’ll be really fun and it’s really… it’s really my soul. So if you wanna find out if a horcrux can be made from love and creation rather than death and destruction, buy the CD. <laugh>

And that’s it? You don’t wanna mention Edward and the Cullens or anything? Sampler, Hut on the Wrock…

Lan: Ooh. Yeah I guess there’s a lot more happening than the album. The album’s just like dominating my mind because it’s just what I work on every day. But yeah, the third sea shanty wizard rock compilation comes out on November 30th and Bisexual Harry will be represented on it as well as a bunch of other collabs I’m working on. Um, I’ve mentioned some here, but you know, things are happening and I’m just really excited. This is definitely not the last you’ll see of me. I also have a second album idea already completely fleshed out it. Like I said, the execution just takes so long for me cause I’m not a musician. Well I guess I am now, but um, I just don’t really have those skills. So tons, tons, tons of ideas, tons of stuff I wanna do. Really excited. Yeah, I guess I can talk about Edward and the Cullens actually.

So I yeah, I’m just really excited to to jump into Twilight because the Twilight Renaissance is really similar to the Harry Potter fandom in that there’s like this critical undertone that’s really important I think with something that’s such a big cultural phenomenon. Like people are reclaiming Twilight as something that isn’t just bad cuz it’s a teenage girl interest, but also has like racism and other issues that need to be addressed. So I think it’s really exciting to have like a sort of Twirock renaissance as well. And Edward and the Cullens specifically is so great because Edward is just such a meme. Like there are so many things, like, that I already have ideas for, for that. And I’m really excited to have my sisters back me as Alice on the, the bass and Rosalie on the drums if we can figure out how to music. But right now it’s just on TikTok, so that’s at Edward and the Cullens if you’re interested in that or like Twilight.

Our final music break begins with The Nargeleptics and “Green Eyes.”


That was The Nargeleptics and “Green Eyes,” “Final Wish” by The Vanishing Cabinet, and “The Battle of Hogwarts” by Mimbulus Mimbletonia.

Let’s check in with Lan again.

Thank you so much for talking with me today. This has been a real joy.

Lan: Thank you.

Where can WZRD listeners find you online?

Lan: I’m most active on Instagram, that’s Bisexual Harry, and I’m also on the Wizard Rock Discord and the Wizard Rock Revival Facebook group, which are places I would definitely recommend for anyone looking to get involved in the community. I also mentioned my YouTube page. The channel name is ”Yer Bisexual Harry” and the handle is “Bisexual Harry.” That’s where you can see the “WAD”music video or the Magical Fan Works playlist. Um, I also have playlists of Funny Wizard Rock, Sad Wizard Rock, Queer Wizard Rock on Spotify. The Bisexual Harry Spotify page is also where you can stream “WAD,” but honestly I can’t really afford to put any more music up there. So if you’re looking for Bisexual Harry music going forward, I would suggest BandCamp or SoundCloud. I also do wizard rock music video reviews on Twitter at LanWrocks, that’s rock with the w <laugh>. And I have a queer wizard rock master list at QueerWrock.tumblr.com, again with a w. So yeah, you can contact me through any of these platforms or BisexualWrock@gmail.com.

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And now, here’s Bisexual Harry!

Lan: So I wanted to play the first non parody song I ever recorded and it really encapsulates, like, the fan fiction version of Harry Potter that Bisexual Harry is all about. My fellow non-binary wizard rapper and mentor Aguamenti produced this one. I’m sending magic their way and I’m sending love to all of my wizard rock friends. I just wanna say the cupboard made me small, but Wizard Rock makes me big.

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